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Kira and Jasmine are bringing their gin soaked ramblings out of the closet and onto the Metro Arts stage with special guests Simone Eclair and Andy Lee to give unsolicited terrible advice on how to get into someone's pants or married or something. It's pretty unclear to be honest but you will enjoy how batshit the tip is and how hard we try to justify it.

ALSO! Get the DOUBLE FEATURE ticket to get access to Swimming the Seas of Failure - Now even fail-ier at 6pm that night for heaps cheaper! 

Have you ever wanted someone in your life who makes you feel better about all your choices? Swimming the Seas is the show for you! Jasmine Fairbairn has earned her PHD in failure this last year, from getting divorced to raising teenagers to living her best creative life (slightly above poverty line, which is technically a win, except when it comes to having super or savings). If you saw the first STSOF this is a whole new level of fail with special guests Kira Kovalevsky and Simone Eclair. You'll leave knowing you're doing all the right things.

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