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Micaela Moore Presents: A Pack of Cards

A very silly stand-up comedy show.

Do you ever get weird looks, like you’re the crazy one? These jokers do, but they’re not crazy at all.

They’re just trying to figure out our complex and fascinating world. Fortunately, they’re pretty funny while they’re doing it! Catch this diverse line-up of comedians and have some laughs!

Shayne Hunter – Internationally touring stand-up comedian with over a decade’s experience, former political extremist, psychology student.

Micaela Moore – Micaela, started doing stand-up in Melbourne, then stopped. Now in Brisbane she’s one of the country’s most experienced newbies. Mic is a natural clown, not the scary serial killer type clown, the fun silly type.

Jemma Bayley – A relatively new face to stand-up. To be fair, she has spent her whole life as a joke. When she’s not up on stage she’s stealing your dad’s jokes and your mum’s jeans.

Kevin Lim – Pudgy curmudgeon. Dislikes garden gnomes. Korean.

David Leary – David is an up-and-coming comic in Brisbane. He left Ireland in pursuit of a different kind of green. In an attempt to fight the stereotype of all Irish people being drunks, he’s made it his mission to always be stoned.

Reegan Milne – 2019 QLD Raw State Finalist. Reegan’s calm delivery of playful irrelevance will disarm and entertain.

Sharing the role of MC are these two mad dogs: Stephen Denham and Jack Marsho. Who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Whoever it was, thank you!

It’s about fun, laughter and seeing the world through different perspectives. By themselves, they are jokers, philosophers, happy-go-lucky scamps and loose units. Packed into one mad line-up, with their insights, insomnia and idiosyncrasies, they are A Pack of Cards.