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Find your Hygge in Denmark
Simplify Your Life in Japan
Live a Long Life in the Mediterranean 

If you need a little ME time, if your HOME needs a little tweaking, if your NUTRITION could do with a nudge, or your MIND could do with some motivation and mindfulness then this is the workshop for you!

Wellbeing Secrets from Around the World will be an in-depth look into why the countries of Denmark, Japan and Sardinia are not only the happiest but have the longest living residents in the world. 

🤔 Have you always wanted to know why some people live to over 100 while others can’t make it past 50?

🤔 Do you wish to improve your health and wellbeing but you feel you don’t have the know-how, the time or the resources?

👍 Are you ready to learn the SECRETS TO A LONG LIFE and how you can implement them into your own life?

Then you need to join us for the: WELLBEING SECRETS FROM AROUND THE WORLD workshop!

Wellbeing practitioners Kerri Rodley from Wellbeing Workshops, Sheryl Hockey from Sheryl Hockey, Holistic Herbalist, Iridologist & Reiki Healer and Fiona Brown from YOUtopia WELLbeing will be presenting on topics such as:

☑️ How to adjust your way of eating

☑️ The importance of connecting to family & friends

☑️ How to be more productive in your day

☑️ The benefits of physical activity and mindfulness

☑️ Ways to ramp up your goal setting


❤️ If you need a little ME time
🏠 If your HOME needs a little tweaking,
🥦 If your NUTRITION could do with a nudge,
🧠 If your MIND could do with some motivation and mindfulness 

then don't miss out!

The workshop will have you playing with the concepts of Denmark, Japan and Sardinia which are the happiest countries AND have the longest living residents in the world and applying them to your life here in Port Stephens.

Finding your Hygge! The Danish Way to Wellbeing

How to bring comfort, warmth and balance to your home, your body and your spirit. 

Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a Danish term that means to create a warm and cozy life by doing simple things that enrich your spirit and bring joy; resulting in a feeling of contentment and well-being. 

Throughout Scandinavia, Hygge is infused into the way people entertain, cook, dine, exercise, travel, dress, decorate and take care of themselves and others. It’s a gentle way of living that soothes the soul and adds meaning to each day. 

This workshop will have you immersed in the Hygge lifestyle through hands-on exercises designed to spark joy, inspire fresh ideas, lighten the heart and offer simple, tangible ways to infuse your daily life with the cozy philosophy of Hygge.

What you will learn:

How to create Hygge happiness at home: a safe, cozy and inviting space for friends and family - tips and tools to make it inviting, year-round. Colour palette, furniture, accessories, lighting, how to create a spa sanctuary in your bathroom, tips to declutter and so much more!

Healthy Hygge foods to warm your heart and hearth: creating cozy, hearty meals to keep the chill at bay and strengthen your immune system. As feeling healthy gives us a warm & fuzzy Hygge feeling, we will be sharing how to make an easy, inexpensive tonic that will warm you to the tips of your toes, and fill your body with Hygge, healthy goodness.

Hygge for your whole being: bring feelings of peace, connection and comfort through all of your senses. People tend to lead busy lives and aren't always at home or in a place where they can have their creature comforts or family and friends around them. We will help you find that place of connection with your inner being so you can find comfort wherever you are. 

Simplify! Transforming your Life the Japanese Way
Solutions for your home, your health, your head and your heart.

We think that the more we have, the happier we will be. We never know what tomorrow might bring, so we collect and save as much as we can. But living simply is essential to being able to enjoy abundance, minus the stress. In Japan the influence of Zen Buddhism instills a desire for simplicity. For them, less is more. At this workshop learn how to simplify your life through letting go:Letting go of possessions

  • Letting go of possessions
  • Letting go of bad eating habits
  • Letting go of stressful ways of thinking

The Mediterranean Secrets to a 
Long and Healthy Life!
Discover the wellbeing secrets that the Sardinians know to a long life.

  • Why are there so many people over the age of 100 living in Sardinia?
  • Is it what they eat?
  • Is it their friends and families?
  • Is it their inner strength and resilience?

Join us to discover their secrets and how you can implement them into your own life:

Adjust your way of eating - Plenty of fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs, greens (even weeds!), beans and lots of extra virgin olive oil.

Connect to your family & friends - Social connections and family are important for a long life. Just the simple act of talking with your neighbours or sharing a coffee with a friend is enough.

How to be more productive - Working and feeling that you are contributing is important. This can be a job or other activities such as helping in the home, cooking, shopping, volunteering, helping with family or working on a project.

This five hour workshop is designed to be thought-provoking, uplifting, enriching and fun and will include a meditation session and lunch. 

You will float out the door with a deeper understanding of how to invite these wellbeing secrets into your life... with a gift bag full of goodies tucked under your arm.  

YouTopia Wellbeing, Boat Harbour, Port Stephens

3 Harbour View Boat Harbour NSW 2316, Australia

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