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Why Have A Vision?

The #1 thing that will enable you to live a life you love is CLARITY.

Having a vision is like having a roadmap to your future. Not a map that leads you any old place but one that leads you to your ideal life. The kind of life you don't need to escape from and that you would be happy to experience consistently. 

You may have a little, a lot or simply no idea of what your vision is - it doesn't matter. I provide you with the tools and the process to deeply connect with what your vision is, so that you can then go on to create your own vision board.

Feedback that I get about this process from those who participated are that they couldn't believe how deeply they were able to connect with their vision. 

How It Works:

I provide you with the tools that I first used back in 2015 to do this process for myself. This led me to creating the life I had identified in my vision:

  • Building a home at the beach
  • Living a coastal lifestyle
  • Working with clients I love within my business
  • Having a work week that is perfect for me
  • And feeling loved up by my life

Which is a far cry from the life I was living when I first created that vision.

It's a tried and tested process that will quickly and effectively help YOU to work out what your vision is, even if (like me) you have no idea yet.

The Law of Attraction; Embodiment and some 'secret sauce' are all part of what makes this a powerful and super-effective process.

Here's What You Get:

  • A 4-hour online Masterclass
  • Access to ALL the questions you need to become super-clear on what you want to be experiencing, both now and into the future. So if you have no idea what your vision is, it doesn't matter! You get to keep these questions within your workbook, so you can re-do the process as many times in the future as you wish 🙂
  • ALL the materials you need to create your own vision board will be provided to your door
  • Dedicated time to identify your vision and then create and complete your own Vision Board so that it's all done by the time we finish, and you walk away with the end product (how cool is a tangible outcome these days?!)
  • Access to me for any questions, support, help or ideas throughout the entire Workshop
  • Support to create specific GOALS that will inspire you into taking action and bringing your vision to life 

Questions People Ask:

I've never done anything with a coach before - does that matter?

No, whether you have or you haven't, it's all good! Coaching is all about helping you to gain awareness of what's going on in your subconscious mind. The fact that it's subconscious means we can't work it out for ourselves and so I help you to (painlessly) tease out everything that's already in your mind but that you have no idea about.

I have NO idea what a vision is and how to work out what my own vision would be:

This is great. This Workshop is perfect for anyone wanting to renew their vision or create their first one. Either way, you are fully guided and supported through the whole process and I will help you to work out exactly what your own vision is, even though you currently may have no idea.

Can I get a refund?

Because this Workshop involves the ordering and preparation of specific materials that you will need to complete your Vision Board, a refund is only possible with 10 days' notice.

What can I expect?

You will be provided with questions to consider that you may never have thought of before. So expect to open your mind to possibilities; get curious; and have some fun with it. I create a very safe and supportive environment so people feel free to ask questions or seek help if they're feeling stuck. 

You will also connect with some other people and be inspired by the ideas in the room and the activity that comes from putting a vision together with a gang of other like-minded legends!

Investment: $350 + GST = $385 (includes booking fee; food; board; materials)

Earlybird discount of 10% with the code earlybird10 until 5pm 16 August 2021.


Laura Waters:

"I participated in Kylie’s “create your vision” workshop earlier this year.

It came at a time that I needed to reset my personal and business life after the challenges the pandemic had thrown at us.

Since then I’ve refocused on what’s important to me and clarified what I want to achieve in my personal and business life and reconnected with why I want to do it.

If you are looking to reset and clarify your path ahead, I couldn’t recommend Kylie and this workshop more highly".

Mark Ainsworth.

"I just completed Kylie’s Create Your Vision Workshop. I was hoping to get a clear vision and goals for moving forward with the business and my personal life.

I came out feeling excited and motivated to achieve what is on my board. I now have a clear vision of where I want to be in life.

I was surprised at how clear my vision of what I want came out".

Rebecca Stott

"Having never successfully immersed myself in identifying my vision or doing a vision board, I came into the Create Your Vision workshop with an open mind and high expectation. I was not disappointed. The clarity alone that I achieved was well worth it.

As a facilitator, Kylie’s warmth and genuine investment in each of us as individuals throughout the process was both valued and appreciated.

If you are looking for clarity in business and / or refining your goals I highly recommend Kylie’s Create Your Vision Workshop".

Claire Reynolds

"I have really enjoyed the [Create Your Vision] workshop today [20/5/21]. Kylie enabled me to have a clear vision of what my future can be. All women in business need to take this workshop!"

Catherine Mabbett

“I had so much fun at the Create Your Vision Masterclass that Kylie from KMB Coaching held! I went to this class because I needed to clarify my vision around a project I want to create and needed to hone in my thoughts to put them into action as my head felt really wishy washy and I didn’t know where to start. I was able to get everything on my board and really see my project vision come to life. 

I couldn’t recommend this masterclass highly enough for anyone that wants to bring clarity around what they want to achieve so they can make it happen!” 

Dominique Ho

‘I wanted to thank Kylie so much for helping me on the most amazing self discovery journey which has opened up so much for me and my family and I am now living a life I absolutely love.

Last year I was fortunate enough to be lead by Kylie through the process of creating a vision board to manifest what I wanted in life.

My husband had been made redundant in June 2020 and the jobs he was applying for were all out bush (he is a maintenance planner on the mines)....

I was trying to get my head around moving into a remote Australian country town....way off what I really wanted as we had always talked about retiring one day to somewhere close to water…

With Kylie’s support and direction I created a vision board and my main focus was about living with a water view!

I kept it in my room so it could be in focus and I set daily intentions around it.

A few months later we moved locations from Brisbane to the Whitsundays.

I attribute our amazing move to manifesting through the wonderful vision board and intentions.

Well not only do we have an amazing water view, our lifestyle and my mindset is so wonderful.

I continue to do work on myself and in fact I have a journal by my bed, I do meditations often and I set my intentions for the day when I can and I am always saying affirmations to remain positive and keep my energy raised.

So life is great and I know will continue to be.

It hasn't always been but I truly believe you get out what you put into it.

Thank you for your help with this amazing life journey…..x’