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Our two day workshop introduces the Common Cause framework to give you practical tools to apply to your cause. 

Day 1 introduces values and frames-based community engagement and systems change. We explore how values and frames work, why they matter, and what a values-based approach means for individuals, organisations and movements seeking to create a more just, sustainable and democratic world.

Day 2 is equal parts process and personal development to boost your effectiveness as a changemaker:

  • We introduce an implementation process using human-centred design tools that allow you to identify opportunities and first steps as part of a bigger vision;
  • We also focus on you as the practitioner, developing your imagination, courage and empathy as you work within your organisation and beyond.

In the time between Day 1 and 2, we encourage you to think about implications for your organisation or campaign, and to bring your initial thoughts to Day 2.

With a mix of participants across issues and sectors, this is a great opportunity to learn from each other and to further our common causes. 

Who should attend

This workshop is tailored for campaigners, communicators, organisers and leaders of progressive organisations who want to motivate deeper and more durable support for their issues and in so doing create a more just, sustainable and democratic world.

Group bookings

We strongly encourage multiple participants per organisation, program or campaign, so that you can start building shared understanding and support each other on the implementation journey. To this end we offer group discounts for 3+ participants from the same organisation. 

What others have said

"The workshop helped unlock new, more effective ways of approaching campaign work and strategy in an easily-digestible, interactive, friendly setting. Fantastic!"  - Jazz Twemlow, Head Writer, Woody

"This course was a revelation to me, making concrete and useful the concepts of values and frames. It has given me an invaluable insight into how people think and feel, what drives them, and how we may get our message to them in the best way."  - Walter Steensby, Web Manager, Canberra Alliance for Participatory Democracy


If you would like to attend this workshop and cannot afford the full fee, please contact us to apply for a scholarship.

Accessibility and wellbeing requirements

We would like everyone to feel welcome and comfortable at our workshops. The venue is accessible for participants who use wheelchairs or are otherwise mobility impaired. We encourage people to participate in activities as and when they feel comfortable. Please let us know anything else that will help you enjoy the day.

Dietary requirements

Please let us know your dietary requirements. We provide a light morning and afternoon tea that includes vegan, GF, DF and nut-free options. Lunch is BYO or at a nearby cafe.

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