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Royal Brighton Yacht Club 253 Esplanade Middle Brighton VIC 3186 Australia

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Kerryn Powell, Your Time Matters

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Seminars and stands  providing a range of useful support to business owners and their staff, would-be business owners,  and those interested in creating a balance in their lives.


The PromoDonna


Stephen Read Landscape Design

National First Aid

HowardCo Business and HR Solutions 

Langes + Lawyers

HomeInstead Senior Care

Holiday World Travel



Rescom Insurance

Royal Brighton Yacht Club

Labyrinth Lane



Bayside Collaborative Law 


Maggs Reid Stewart

Your Personal Chef

Your Time Matters

Bendigo Bank

Brightonbeach Chiropractic

Send Out Cards

Smartline Mortgages

Seminar Topics 

20 minute Seminar Presentations

 in”The Olympic Room”, 

Commencing 4.15 pm SHARP-

“Don’t be afraid” - You could save a life! ”- Presented by Kym Eden, from National First Aid

 .  NFA is an established Registered Training Organization (3981) providing nationally recognised accredited first aid training. courses are practical/hands on. The programs are innovative and on-site, tailored to suit a diverse range of organisations, schools, manufacturing, sports and individuals.

Unexpected emergencies can occur at any given time and place.  Would you know what to do? A sudden crisis is not very comforting for anyone and in many instances, time is a critical factor.  Lack of a basic knowledge in first aid can result in death before your very eyes.

Kym is a former Ambulance Paramedic (MICA) for 31 years and will demonstrate practical skills in what to do in the event of an emergency:

 Resuscitation (CPR)

Cardiac Defibrillation



 Wound care and patient management

Attendees are welcome to participate in practical scenarios.

Commencing 4.45pm SHARP-

“The PromoDonna: How to Create Your Own Chorus Line of Prospects Through Effective Cold Calling”-presented by Ashleigh Hoult, Director, The PromoDonna

It is said that 80-90% of your time should be focused on sales and marketing in order to grow your business - anything else will slow down your success. Cold calling can be a legitimate and successful way of generating new business, if it is done correctly and professionally.

The PromoDonna Director, Ashleigh Hoult will show just how to optimise your success during your business development time. She’ll inform you of ‘The Important Basic Cold Calling Techniques’ – things such as effective questioning and objection handling - enabling you to master the art of cold calling and ultimately, to grow your Clientbase.

Commencing 5.15pm SHARP-

“Who’s on  your Crew?” – presented by Warren Howard, Howardco Business and HR Solutions.

Effective communication is such an important part of teamwork whether at work, on the water or at home. Warren Howard from Howardco Business and HR Solutions,will outline the characteristics of the four types of human behaviour. We all have a natural style of communication we prefer to use, but to be more effective communicators we need to adapt our style to that of the other person. Warren will explore how to identify the type of person you are dealing with so that you can communicate with them in the way they best understand.

Commencing 5.45pm SHARP-

“Communication beyond words - how your body language and mindset is impacting your business success” - presented by Chandell Labbozzetta, NLP Trainer, Life Puzzle 

In today's fast paced world, (where there is so much information and not enough time to process it) many business owners face the challenge of not having enough time to get everything done.  What's more, with so much choice in the market place many find it hard to stand out from the crowd and create last relationships with their clients.  

Life Puzzle's Head NLP Trainer, Chandell will share with you 7 easy steps to maximise the value of your face to face and phone communications to ensure that you are creating success in the most efficient way.  As a Master Hypnotherapist, Chandell can also share how to have and perceive body language that supports your business and life goals. Come along and discover how you can maximise your business easily, effortlessly and ethically.

Commencing at 6.15pm SHARP-

"3 Steps to Business Marketing Success" –  presented by Ray Poole, Swoop Digital

Swoop Digital will reveal the 3 steps required for you to market your business successfully in 2013.

Weighing up the pros & cons of traditional offline marketing with the current trends of the internet, you will discover what you need to do and where you need to invest your time and money for best results. 

It may not be where you think!!

Commencing 6.45pm SHARP

“10 ways to improve the Health of Your Business”

 – presented by Alex Stewart from Maggs Reid Stewart (business and tax advisors)

Establishing and running a business is about as hard as it gets.  One has to be good at many varying skills.  Success is never final and tough economic times such as these make it even more difficult.  Drawing on 30 years of experience and cutting edge software, we will outline the 10 key ways in which business owners can improve the health and success of their business.

Commencing 7.15pm SHARP-

“Holidays are Good for your Health”- presented by Robyn Bevan , Holiday World Travel, Brighton

“A Change is as good as a Holiday”? Don’t you believe it – nothing is as good as a holiday!

As a small business owner for the past 28 years, I can guarantee that getting away from the everyday stress of deadlines, mountains of paperwork and compliance issues will clear your head, re-charge your batteries and give you fresh perspective to better cope with running your business or developing your career.

Reconnect with family or friends on your well earned holiday and return with wonderful shared memories to treasure.

Hear more about the benefits of regular holidays with tips on staying healthy when travelling.

Remember – “when we look back, it is not the things we did that we regret so much as the things we did not do.”

Commencing at 7.45pm SHARP-  “Win Back 10 Hours Per week”- presented by Eleni Szemeti, Founder of The Destiny Diva

Do you feel overwhelmed? unfocused? disorganized? It’s frustrating when you feel like no matter how hard you push yourself, you never have a moment to rest. This talk presents strategies for determining what to keep and what to toss in your life to declutter your schedule. Plus you learn tools for planning your day and using your time effectively

Eleni Szemeti is the founder  at The Destiny Diva,  time coaching and training company. She works with solopreneurs and also Direct Selling teams helping them see where their time is going and how to get back that time for the important things in their lives.

In the Conference Room

Commencing at 5.00pm  SHARP

“The True Value of Great Landscape Design”- presented byStephen Read , a Landscape Designer with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, who has devoted himself to creating gardens designed to reflect the lifestyles and personalities of his clients.

Having spent the early part of his career designing in the UK and France, for the past 10 years,  Stephen has called Melbourne home. Here he continues to create gardens of elegance and meaning through his company, Stephen Read Landscape Design.  Stephen has a strong conviction that designmatters, and works closely with industry leaders to lift standards and promote quality urban landscape design.  Stephen has recently been elected to the board of the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers (AILDM)

Stephen will discuss the contribution that quality landscaping brings to our lives and to communities and how strong design principles and quality construction allow the garden to become part of a holistic approach to living. Fresh food, clean air, fresh water, relationships with family and friends all come together and flourish in a well-planned garden.

Commenc/ing at 6.00pm SHARP

“If you don’t have Your Health -  Nothing else Matters “  - presented by Terry Bahat, an experienced, passionate expert in the field of wellness: Fitness, Nutrition and wellness Coaching. Terry is a fully qualified  Fitness / Pilates Instructor  and N.L.P  Master Practioner.

We all have a dream; to live a healthy, happy, long , fulfilling, vibrant life.  We all want to be fitter, lighter, stronger, energetic, confident.  But, what are we prepared to do about it ?  We know what to do but not always do what we know.

With Obesity becoming  the ‘ trillion $ disease and industry ‘  resulting  in  grave medical challenges consistently increasing,  we all share the high social costs in  health and lost production. This frightening  trend can  be reversed  with the right education , increased self- awareness and several  life – style  changes.

Commencing at 8.00pm-sharp

"Where do you stand in the case of an accident or incident in the workplace?”- presented by Richard Reid, Director of Marketing at Monit and Denise Zumpe, Director of Safe Sense.

 Workplace Health & Safety is an area that makes most business owners squirm in their seats - even those who have a fairly good handle on it!

Is it because the legislation is subjective with no defined activity or path for a business to follow providing little confidence that they are complying with their obligations?

As a business owner, you know you have to do something, but where do you start? Are you confident that you are doing enough? What happens when there is an accident or an incident?

Richard Reid, Director of Marketing at Monit and Denise Zumpe, Managing Director of Safe Sense will give you a summary of your obligations and a path to follow to assist you in meeting the obligations and to discharge your duties as an officer, without being a drain on your finances and your time.

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All whilst you enjoy great networking opportunities in the beautiful surroundings of the Royal Brighton Yacht Club.

The organiser, Your Time Matters is a Melbourne-based assistance service  founded by passionate problem solver Kerryn Powell, known by many as the “go to person” when they are looking for a resource.  For many years, Kerryn had experienced and recognised that businesses and families alike could save time, increase productivity and essentially enjoy life more if only they had a little extra help from time to time. Your Time Matters grew out of that fact.

YTM values time and making  life easier is important to the team at YTM,  so that  you can  concentrate on what matters most to you.

The event to be held at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club on Friday 15th March 2013, will draw together businesses that provide support, products and services which enhance the lives of  individuals, families and business owners.

Seminars  and exhibits will  provide useful information and support so you can  invest in your health, your time and your business.  You will be able to learn how to work smarter by improving your personal and business health, manage your time and create a balance.

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