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Available Tickets
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It’s a party after a party and it’s super mysterious.

Become unified with the cunts of blaze!!

It’s a ‘RECUNTiFiCATiON’ baby!!

Stupidly limited tickets.

A location that doesn’t care.

Presented by;

Bubba Ganush




DJ XTina

PLUS... extra special secret awesome entertainment!!

Radically self express and fear no SPOON!

Door Proceeds go toward facilitating art grants at Blazing Swan 2020!

The address for this event is secret but will be known on the evening.

We have bus tickets available through ticketing on this page-the venue is 20 minutes from the nest.

Two bus trips will run at 11:30 and 12:30 with capacity for 40 passengers each.

The bus has a pole dancing pole ...FYI!

Event Link: Sales Closed