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This one-day workshop will provide a hands-on opportunity to work alongside like-minded individuals to create policy development processes, identify policy priorities and write a range of policy documents for systemic advocacy.

The workshop will also draw-on case studies and examples from across the not-for-profit sector of policy documents created by organisations for the purposes of systemic advocacy.

This workshop is all about identifying policy priorities and developing policy positions, submissions, briefs and other documents that are used in systemic advocacy. 

NOTE: This training is not about the development of internal policies and procedures. It is designed for people working in advocating for systemic change and developing policy documents such as submissions and policy briefs.

Policy development

Having a well thought through policy development process is important to ensure that policies developed by your organisation reflect the experience of your people and available evidence. This part of the workshop will explore how to establish a policy development process for your organisation including engaging your people, consulting stakeholders and evidence gathering.

Identifying policy priorities

Clearly identifying the outcomes your organisation is seeking to achieve is important to developing policies to create the change that is needed. This part of the workshop will explore how to identify policy priorities based on your organisations aims and the information gathered through the policy development process.

Writing policy documents (and other ways to communicate policies)

Clearly articulating policy priorities is important to achieving change. This part of the workshop will explore how to write a range of policy documents including letters, policy briefs and positions, submissions and reports. We will also explore other creative ways to communicate policy documents.

At the end of the Workshop, participants will be able to create a policy development process for their organisation and have the tools and templates to create a range of policy documents.

Who should attend this Workshop?

This Workshop has been developed for people working in the not-for-profit or for purpose sector. It is for anyone working to develop policy for systemic advocacy. This includes policy, research, advocacy and government relations managers, advisers and officers.

If you’ve attended the Policy and Advocacy Intensive or accessed our online Policy Writing module, this workshop covers new ground by taking a deep dive into policy development and writing.

If you haven’t done any previous training in this space, this workshop covers fundamentals as well as more advanced concepts and approaches.

About the facilitator

Caterina Giorgi is the Founder of For Purpose, a social business working with for purpose professionals to develop their skills, share ideas and work collaboratively to create innovative solutions to complex problems. Caterina has worked in the for purpose sector in a range of policy, advocacy and sector development roles.

Caterina has presented at national and international conferences on public health policy research, advocacy, government relations and public policy. She also delivers policy, advocacy, social change and government relations training across Australia.