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This workshop is endorsed by Key Word Sign Australia for delivery by Accredited Presenters. It covers the use of Key Word Sign and natural gesture for individuals who have communication difficulties. It is relevant for parents, carers, teachers, health professionals, child care workers and support workers. No prior sign experience is necessary.

Key word sign is used with children and adults with communication difficulties as well as the people that interact with them. It can be used:

  • while speech develops
  • as a supplement to speech for example if speech is unclear
  • as an alternative to speech
  • as a temporary means of communication
  • as a tool to help comprehension of what others are saying
  • to promote a communication environment for others that values the use of key word sign in everyday routines and interactions

In this interactive workshop participants will learn:

  • a vocabulary of signs to use in everyday settings
  • how to choose which signs to teach
  • principles of key word sign and gesture
  • how signing helps communication development

The workshop will include:

  • a package of resources
  • basic workshop certificate
  • Getting Started with Key Word Sign Book (Auslan Edition)
  • morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch
  •  Royalty paid to KWSA (State Branch) for every participant in order to support for the use of Key Word Sign in our community. 

The KWSA Accredited Key Word Sign Presenters for this workshop are members of the disability team at Therapy Matters, Tania Teitzel (Senior Speech Pathologist/Director) and Jacqui Sullivan (Speech Pathologist). Tania and Jacqui both have over 20 years experience meeting the communication needs of children with communication difficulties.  They have experience in the use of key word sign for children with a range of disabilities (e.g. global developmental delay, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and autism spectrum disorders) as well as children who are late talkers and children with severe speech sound disorders (such as childhood apraxia of speech). They are passionate about finding a way for all individuals to communicate and have their say in life.

For more information on Key Word Sign see Key Word Sign Australia

For more information on this workshop at Therapy Matters contact Tania Teitzel

Phone: 07 55207860

Mobile: 0412195165


*Parents and carers wanting to use their child's NDIS, HCWA or Better Start Funding for this workshop should contact our clinic directly for registration in this workshop.

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