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Grab a banjo and join our group banjo workshop where Fin Taylor, multi-instrumentalist and all-round-nice-guy, will teach us how to play some banjo.

If you don't have a banjo feel free to bring a mandolin, bouzouki, ukulele, spoons, bones, guitar, or arrive empty handed and just enjoy the afternoon.

If you answer 'yes' or 'no' to any of these questions then this workshop is for you:

- Are you tired of the gentrification of Ipswich?

- Do you want to manipulate the Ipswich property market and keep house prices low?

- Do you want to introduce a new species of virulent instrument into Ipswich?

- Do you want to annoy your neighbours like never before?

- Do you simply love the sound of the banjo and want to learn how to play it in a supportive environment?

- Do you want an easy ticket out of your current relationship?

$20 lesson fee