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Hard Boiled Dick and Never Before Musical are no strangers to making Brisbane audiences laugh, now see them in this hilarious double bill

See both shows for $15 or commit to the bit and grab a Thursday Night Pass to save $10.

Hard Boiled Dick

Hard Boiled Dick brings back the classic detective noir movies of the golden age of Hollywood with a twist.

There are only two actors in the show - one plays the grizzled detective, and the other plays every other character! And for an added level of difficulty, they don’t know who will be doing what until the show starts.

From Blade Runner to True Detective, Film Noir remains a powerful cultural touchstone, and ripe for making fun of!

Never Before Musical

Do you like music? Do you like a laugh? Never Before Musical is the show by Ho Hum that will give you both in the one show. Ho Hum will create a fully improvised musical show based on your suggestions. Never seen before scenes and never heard before songs will be created right in front of your eyes and ears. Don’t miss out, this show will never happen again.

The Brisbane Improv Festival will adhere to all current COVID restrictions and requirements. More info