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Didgeridoo Pranayama Three Worlds Valley - ADMIT 1


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Didgeridoo Pranayama Three Worlds Valley

Didgeridoo Pranayama is a breath and voice modality developed by Si Mullumby. The essence of the practice is developing ways to harness wellbeing and relaxed clear energy from inside ourselves.

The Didgeridoo Pranayama breathing system creates an 'inner spring' from where we can bring good feeling directly into our lives. With good intent and a relaxed gentle approach slowly but surely the wellbeing rises into our awareness and into our lives.

Taking away the need for an outward reward, the system is a simple way to invigorate the part of us that already feels good, making this place stronger, warmer and safer, allowing our system to run in a way that is calmer, more present and more receptive to the invisible winds of synchronicity.

Didgeridoo Pranayama Three Worlds Valley is a light hearted, uplifting and powerful experience with breath, presence and nature. The incredible outdoor location and the three hour extended session opens the door to some unique workshop activities!

Participants learn and engage with the Didgeridoo Pranayama rhythmic breathing method, explore ways to sound our visceral feeling with the voice, learn a chi gung heart/lung opening set and experience powerful resonant dronal tones on the didgeridoo.

TIX $35 (includes bf) / $40 on the door

Start time: the event starts at 10.30am on the dot. No late entry after 10.45 am

AGE RESTRICTION = 14+ Why so? This event traverses deep spaces of silence and engages the breath in a way that an adult sense of responsibility is required. We all need to have the freedom of a single point of focus for the group to really fly.

What to Bring : 

Please bring what you need to be comfortable sitting outside in the shade, on the grass.

+ Water or Electrolyte Rich Drinks


Three Worlds Valley


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Si Mullumby
Didgeridoo Pranayama

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