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This is the first Didgeridoo Pranayama session in Bondi.

This is a two hour workshop in which participants learn to harnesses the power of the breath to create good clear energy inside ourselves. The process is a non-confrontational, light-hearted and yet profound journey with breath, voice, rhythm meditation and vibration.

This session Si Mullumby will be joined by Bondi local Steven Mazabow from Sound of Yin.

TIX $50 online / $60 on the door

Age Restriction 14+

More about Didgeridoo Pranayama:

World-renowned musician Si Mullumby  has developed a unique, uplifting workshop using the sound of didgeridoo, meditation and breath to cultivate prana - life-force energy. Experience the powerful resonance of the didgeridoo that will guide a collective journey through breath into a grounded, blissful state of energy and clarity.

From meditation on sacred sound of Aum, you’ll transition into the special repetitive breathing technique, held in motion by the vibration of the didgeridoo. Experience the primeval, rhythmic oscillations that will activate the para-sympathetic nervous system to ground and connect you to spirit.

Didgeridoo Pranayama is a workshop that offers all the virtues of playing didgeridoo without all the years that it takes to master. For the first time Si is sharing his life’s work exploring the power of breathing patterns as a tool for actively exploring the inner realms. 

More about Didgeridoo Pranayama founder Si Mullumby

Si is the founding member of globetrotting Australian didgeridoo and drum dance band Wild Marmalade and one of the founders of ceremonial sound experience group, Dream Drone. He is one of Australia's leading contemporary didgeridoo players. His groundbreaking work with the didgeridoo has paved new pathways for how the instrument is played globally.

Si realised that his breathing system worked independently of the didgeridoo and now teaches Didgeridoo Pranayama as a stand alone breathing system.

More about Steven Mazabow from Sound of Yin

Steve is a yin yoga teacher, passionate musician, didgeridoo player and entrepreneur. He is a member of Dream Drone, Australia's pioneering ceremonial music project. His group with his wife Vanessa, called HeartSound is well known in the Sydney Community for their events, workshops and retreats since many years. Steve brings a multi-dimensional approach to each offering, integrating his lifetime of knowledge into each and every moment.

Waverly School of Arts

138 Bondi Road Bondi NSW 2026, Australia

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Si Mullumby
Didgeridoo Pranayama

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