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Come and relax while being bathed in the light of sound and voice and finish of the evening celebrating with supper a cuppa or a glass of beautiful wine …

With the eclipse season in full swing, and the fast pace of life we can become quite disconnected from our own inner rhythms…. This special sound healing we will be taking time to deeply rest, restore and heal our mind, body and Soul connecting to the natural Rhythm again through our connection with Mother Earth. You will leave this night feeling like u have had a holiday …. Recharged and balanced and feeling loved and supported…. Join us this Tuesday night 7th of December to celebrate the coming Christmas Season and the Christ consciousness within.

Look forward to sharing with you this  new moon

In sound and light

These sound journeys bring a deep sense of peace and stillness in the mind and body and can leave you feeling like you have just had a deep sleep or holiday, feeling rested, relaxed and renewed.

Sound Healing is scientifically proven to assist

Calming the mind and body
Bringing balance and cleanse your chakra system and body
Reduce anxiety
Reduce Pain
Eliminate stress
Boosts the your immunity
Improves sleep
Energises the body

About Heather

Heather Jean is a universal spiritual teacher/healer, sound alchemist, author, speaker.

She has been described as a modern-day medicine woman and earth mother to all.

A clear trans channel of the sacred divine mother in all her aspects and Ascended Masters she was gifted with the ability to open gateways to higher states of awareness and consciousness through sound and channeled transmissions bringing humanity and the earth, love, healing, peace and balance.

She is the creator of Meditation and music healing cd’s, for children and adults, The Magic of You (R) children’s programs, author of “ Let’s Play Outside” and “Secret of The Golden Pyramid” Spiritual Books for Kids and for adults “ Sound Alchemy, Creating and Healing Through Sound”, mentoring programs and international facilitator of spiritual development retreats and Approved IICT Training for Sound Healing Practitioners.

Time spent with Heather can truly expand and change your Life in ways you never thought possible.

What to Bring:
Your sacred self :-)
Yoga mat or something to comfortably lay on.
Blanket and Pillow
Water Bottle
A journal if you wish to write any messages you receive in your healing journey.