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This workshop will be delivered online over four 2-hour Zoom sessions:

  • 3 November, 1-3pm AEST
  • 10 November, 1-3pm AEST
  • 17 November, 1-3pm AEST
  • 24 November, 1-3pm AEST

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This interactive online workshop is for those eager to learn what really makes people tick and how to effectively create social change.

What you'll learn

  • What values are and how they work
  • How to engage values in order to motivate pro-social and environmental action that is widespread, deep and enduring
  • How to avoid engaging values that discourage social change and action
  • The surprising truths about our fellow citizens’ values and how our perception of their values changes how we engage in pro-social and environmental action
  • How to change systems at the core by engaging values, with recent successful examples
  • Practical implications for strategic planning, policy, program/campaign design, community organising and communications.

Who should attend

This workshop is tailored for campaigners, communicators, organisers, fundraisers and leaders of progressive organisations who want to motivate deeper and more durable support for their issues and in so doing create a more just, sustainable and democratic world.

What others have said

“Participating in a Common Cause workshop is like watching the fog lift – the mystery of what makes people tick, how they make decisions and what values guide them is unveiled and you are left with a clear, practical and effective path forward. I highly recommend that any organisations or individuals dedicated to advancing progressive ideals, policies or practices get familiar – as soon as possible – with the Common Cause approach.” - Tom Clarke, Human Rights Law Centre

"The workshop helped unlock new, more effective ways of approaching campaign work and strategy in an easily-digestible, interactive, friendly setting. Fantastic!" - Jazz Twemlow, Head Writer, Woody

“It was such a privilege to participate in a workshop and masterclass on Values & Frames with Eleanor. The collaborative learning experience she facilitated for our diverse group of practitioners meant that I came away ready to apply the information in innovative and productive ways.” - Jana Norman, Nature & Wellbeing Australia

“Eleanor gave an insightful presentation on the Common Cause approach to our Executive Leadership Team. What we found quite thought provoking was realising that we currently frame many of the benefits of our programs around financial savings – rather than values of self-direction or universalism. …[This] has sparked an ongoing conversation on how we can foster a more values based approach as we head into our Business Planning.” -Vera Lubczenko, Director Engagement, Sustainability Victoria 


If you would like to attend this workshop and can not afford the full fee, please contact the organiser to apply for a scholarship.