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“Peter has recorded 69 of his own TV Shows in 5 different countries and broadcast in more than 20 worldwide”

Peter Powers is one of the most successful hypnotists in the world today and it is not too surprising. His live stage shows draw the largest crowds in each of the countries he performs, making him ‘the biggest box-office hypnotist’. Referred to as “a comedy genius”, “a hypnotist without equal” and “the best in the business”, Peter delights in the antics of his hapless volunteers almost as much as his audiences.

In fits of hysterical laughter, Peter seems to lose himself in each performance, pushing the boundaries of standard hypnotic fair and raising the bar with unique and truly whacky routines.

All of this is delivered with a somewhat wayward humour in his distinctive, mischievous and impish style. Although the observer experiences a rollercoaster ride, on the very edge of what could be considered sane and proper, Peter manages to give us an ample glimpse of potential danger and mind-manipulation- gone-wrong whilst impossibly striking the balance of not taking hypnosis too far.

Join us at the Alice Springs Convention Centre for a night of Comedy Hypnosis - Friday 1st November

"The Ali G of stage hypnosis" - The Sun

"Peter Powers is the number one today" - The Independent

"This man is a comedy genius" - Manning River Times

"The Most Entertaining Show Ever" - Mike Whitney - Sydney Weekender

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