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This is a 2 day & 2 night Bush Camp where Mums and daughters (10-13 y.o) gather to boost their relationships with themselves and each other. Girls will have an opportunity to boost their resilience, confidence, self-love, friendships, and learn more about what it means to grow up into Womanhood. 

We are opening this camp to mature 10 year olds desperate to connect with their growing up. Please discuss with us if unsure.

It is a nature based program including camping, fire circles, interactive and fun ceremonial age appropriate activities based on Rites of Passage frameworks ( acknowledgement of what skills are needed for girls and mums in their womanhood journey) including craft, cooking, group camping, music, yoga, mental and physical mini challenges. Lots of healthy food and healthy 'growing up' conversations.. Mums will only attend the start & finish of camp (1 hour at the start and 1.5 hours at the end; please let me know if this a barrier for any of you). 

Many thanks Louise

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