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This Weight Loss Workshop is a rare opportunity designed to help you lose weight easily and safely without stress or the feelings of deprivation and the self-denial usually associated with diets and dieting.

Using techniques of hypnosis and mind-programming, honed over a 33 year period, Peter will introduce you, in this fun, interactive, 90-minute workshop, to a method so powerful that you will be a dynamo of self-belief and determination to permanently succeed.
Set yourself a healthy weight loss goal and Peter will set you on the path to successfully achieving it.

Using a specially designed technique, your mind will be programmed for 30 continuous days, and beyond, if you desire.

You don’t need to be a good hypnotic subject or even believe in hypnosis. This process is beneficial to everyone. Also, you’ll have:

  • ·No need to use will power
  • ·No need to exercise
  • ·No feelings of deprivation, craving, or the torment of self-control

You will on the path to achieving your goals with so little effort you’ll be pleasantly surprised and the envy of all your friends. Your journey will be enjoyable and a lot of fun.

Peter is on a mission to hold your hand, to keep you focused as you set about reaching your weight loss goals.

After absorbing the workshop, and for 30 days thereafter, Peter will monitor your success, provide encouragement, answer your questions. You will be able to share your success and gain encouragement from the others in your group. This includes invitation to his private online group, email/message support and live online meetings. (Recordings will be available for you to access at any time). 

It’s simply…..Mind Over Platter.

We can do this!

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