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July Topic: Getting Clear On Your Values

Are you clear on both your personal and your business values?

Your values are massively important in terms of who you work with; the decisions you make for your business; and how you live in alignment with your values (and not just have nice words on a notepad tucked away somewhere - you forget where!)

Come along to this July event to learn; share; and connect with other gorgeous souls in business, and walk away with more clarity and steps to implement. 

Not Networking events are for women in business who want to connect, learn, grow and have some fun.

If you sometimes find running a business lonely and would like to surround yourself with a community of women who inspire and energise each other, this would be perfect for you.. 

This is a fabulous opportunity to take time away from the business to learn practical mindset and business strategies that you can walk away with and start to implement immediately..

To top it off, you'll have ongoing access to our dedicated private facebook group so that you can share your wins; ask questions; share resources and let others know what you're offering each week. 

These events are on a pay as you go basis with no obligations attached.

Kylie x