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 Get your creative spark back for 2020

In this creative workshop, we will teach you creative exercises to reignite your creative spark and passion. As a result, you'll leave feeling more invigorated about your creativity and ready to become more innovative in your life and business. You willa also come away with a set of pratical and personalised actions to keep you nutured, inspired and your creative juices flowing throughout 2020.  

We want you to start the year fresh to 

  • Inject more creativity and innovation into your business
  • Unblock your mindset and clear any doubts about your ability to be creative
  • Cure your sense of overwhelm and take some time out to press ‘reset’
  • Give yourself the gift of creative time to experience greater well-being and the benefits of some time well spent away from your day to day routine

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Are tired of doing the same things day in and out
  • Want to start afresh and create a shift in your business
  • Are curious to experiment and try out different approaches to expand your creativity .                                                   
This workshop includes fun, energising and creative activities to:

  • Warm up and release any doubts or inhibitions you may have about expressing your creativity
  • Reconnect to the creativity and passion of your youth and inner child
  • Get your creative juices flowing
  • Meet and strengthen your connections with other like-minded and hearted business women
  • Have some timeout and a brain break so you can return to your work refreshed and clear of overwhelm

 Much more....

 A delicious light lunch with refreshments. (Remember Angela is italian and is a real foodie) 

Our special guest on the day is yoga and meditation teacher, Sarasvati Sally Dawson - who will direct us through a meditation, guiding you to connect with your true self and recognise your purpose in life.

 You will come away with:

  • An appreciation and reconnection with what you’re passionate about in work and life, and the things you loved to do and that brought you pleasure from your past
  • An understanding of your preferred creative outlets and activities that express your creativity
  • Greater inspiration and motivation to keep your creative juices flowing into 2020
  • A reminder to take time and space out of the every day to try something different
  • More connections in your business network

Both Angela and Natalia have witnessed the power of being creative and these effects time and time again at our respective workshops. Our attendee feedback certainly reflect this sense of relaxation, calm, reconnection, and rejuvenation. When people explore their creative side in an environment that’s fun, encouraging and nurturing across all levels, people feel nourished and revitalised. This workshop is a chance to do something just for you, block out the white noise of your life, and come out feeling renewed and with your old spark back.

Do I need to be artistic or creative to participate?

This workshop is for anyone. You don’t need to worry about being ‘creative’ or artistic to benefit from this workshop. In any case, everyone is creative – we just express it in different ways and to different degrees. We can all access different modes of thinking, although we may have a preference, like left or right-handedness. It’s important to discover what works for you and use that to inspire your creativity. In this workshop, Angela and Natalia will guide you through easy processes that help you tap into your creative thinking, uncover where and when you’re most creative, and that you can take away to use back at home or work.

I’m really busy and isn’t taking time out to be creative self-indulgent?

We get that you’re really busy and have lots on your plate. We agree that coming along to this workshop is an investment in your time. But it’s worth it. This workshop gives you a chance to take a rewarding break away from your business, to press the reset button, and get a new lease on life and business. You’ll come away with your old spark. You’ll be more ready to take on whatever life and business has to throw at you in 2020. 

 Time: 10am-2pm
 Location:  239 Bay St Brighton 

You will experience a combination of creativity and most of all FUN.

PLEASE NOTE : We require a maximum number of 8 in the group to proceed with this workshop.

Sometimes things don't go to plan, if you are unable to attend a class we remommend passing this onto a colleague. 

We would love to take some photos along with videotaping a little of the day if you would not like to be included please advise us.

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