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The LAMP therapy approach is a great way to support a person to develop communication skills. The LAMP Words for Life vocabulary is available on a range of our devices.

This session will focus on how to use the Accent range of devices with the LAMP Words for Life vocabulary. This includes the Accent 800, Accent 1000 and Accent 1400. 

In this session Freya will run through the top tips and frequently asked questions around device use. This will include the following Learning Outcomes:

• Identify the language system available on the device & how to it set up

• Know how to use the software word finder tool

• Increased knowledge of where to put and how to add words

• Increased knowledge in how to use vocabulary builder/masking

As well as other tips and tricks, including:

• Adding in a verb sequence

• Locking the device

• Backing up a vocab set

• Data collection set up