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It's time to roll initiative for this chaotically queer Dungeons and Dragons adventure! Join a stellar cast of performers who will embark on a heroic quest…or more likely will burn down the starting inn before they even set out. 

This event is 18+. Runtime is 3 hours including interval. 

Saskia as Gnorgdumph, the half-orc bard with a whole lotta muscles and a go get em attitude 
Diana D'Vine as as Reggie Price, the aasimar warlock spreading the good word of his patron 
Ellen Graham as Periwinkle Lightfoot, the elven druid who just wants everyone to have a chill time 
Coogs McNally as Gorsha Axevound, the dwarven barbarian who does not know the meaning of the word "chill" 
and Luna Godfrey as the Dungeon Master, perpetually found with her head in her hands. 

What's Dungeons and Dragons? 
D&D is a tabletop roleplaying game where the players embody heroes who go on quests, guided by the hand of the Dungeon Master. The players describe their actions and the dice determine the results. It's often a game of hijinks and shenanigans as seen in the Dungeons and Dragons movie Honor Among Thieves. 

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