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Kylie Bice is an experienced Education Consultant and Coach specialising in gifted education, inclusion, differentiation, thinking skills, and educating diverse student groups (gifted, disabilities, learning difficulties, behaviour, mental health). With a deliberate aim to identify and build intentional, transparent and research-based quality teaching in every classroom, Kylie works with individual schools to create context-specific, strategic, whole-school initiatives to include and create opportunities for students of all learning needs and abilities in every classroom and context. Kylie was previously the Senior Inclusive and Gifted Education Consultant at the Association of Independent Schools of WA, and has many years of experience working with gifted and talented students in government and non-government schools in Western Australia. Kylie has mentored and coached numerous teachers and school leaders to manage change and implement effective practice, and is an excellent presenter who has delivered professional learning to a range of audiences, schools, national and international conferences over many years.  To find out more about Kylie and the services available through Growing Up Greatness, go to or email Kylie at .  


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