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Take a deep dive into the Primordial sound of the didgeridoo as played by Wild Marmalade didgeridoo player Si Mullumby.

This is an eyes closed lay down full body immersive sound experience. Participants are invited to receive the vibration of the Yidaki, better known as didgeridoo, as played by one of world's leading contemporary players.

The intro and outro will be lead by master of mindfullness Michael Hara. Michael will be the doorway in and out of the experience.


This is a 90 minute lay down eye's closed experience.

This is a strong experience. The sound carries with it a transformative power that accelerates personal growth and inner awareness, however the essential nature of the vibration is gentle and the space is warm and safe.

This session is a late afternoon session timed to finish at the most picturesque time of day, sunset.


Bring whatever you need to feel comfortable on the floor.

Yoga Mats and Bolsters are available and the floor is carpeted.

The room is temperature controlled so we will all be comfortable.

About Si Mullumby:

Si has been touring and playing Australia's traditional instrument the Yidaki for more than 20 years. He is the founding member of Wild Marmalade and also Dream Drone. He has pioneered a number of different styles of didgeridoo playing as well as creating new musical concepts that have influenced the way that the instrument is played globally.

There is a morning Didgeridoo Pranayama Session that is ticketed separately. Here is the link:

Beacon Yoga Centre


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Si Mullumby
Wild Marmalade

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