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Design! Deliver! Delight! – winning strategies to develop a great customer experience & a culture of service excellence.

A Business Building Workshop with Graham Harvey BCom FAIM CSP

Modern day business has evolved beyond commodity, beyond product, and now beyond service; like it or not, we now all live and operate in the experience economy.

Business today is all about experience, the all-encompassing multi-sensory experience that customers encounter when they do business with you ... a customer experience that they use to judge whether or not your business continues to deserve their custom; to remain loyal, or to take leave and do their business elsewhere.

So ...

·What’s the real purpose of business?

·What’s the difference between customer service & customer experience?

·How do you develop a unique standout customer service experience?

·How do you attract and retain loyal customers in today’s highly competitive marketplace?

·How do you establish strong, mutually rewarding customer relationships to ensure future business prosperity?

·How do you create an organization-wide culture of service excellence?

·Why is customer experience your number one competitive advantage?

·Why has customer experience become your single greatest predictor of business success?

These questions and more will all be answered during the course of this highly acclaimed half-day Business Building Workshop facilitated by Graham Harvey - Professional Speaker, Service Designer, Business Coach and best selling author of ‘Seducing the Vigilante Customer- 101 winning strategies to attract and retain happy customers and healthy profits.’ (More information available at www.grahamharvey.com)

Here’s what you will learn:

·The difference between customer service and customer experience

·How, by understanding the six senses of service, (visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, somatosensory and emotional) you can design & deliver a truly outstanding service experience giving your customers a ‘reason to return’, and a ‘reason to refer’

·Why, in today’s crowded ‘same stuff, same price’ marketplace, ‘good’ customer service has become the number one enemy of ‘great’ customer service

·How to develop an authentic service experience differential to ensure that ‘choice rich, time poor’ consumers, when faced with a multitude of options, choose to do business with you, and not your competition

·What it takes to develop strong, mutually rewarding customer relationships to ensure future business prosperity and longevity

·Understanding the difference, and how to make the shift from commodity and price, to experience and value

Here’s what you will receive:

·4 hours jam-packed full of the latest information and research on service design, customer experience and relationship marketing with a ton of take-home value and easy to implement strategies.

·A detailed workshop manual.

·A copy of Graham’s powerful Customer Experience Performance Evaluation Checklist.

T: 0403 262 988    W: grahamharvey.com    E: graham@grahamharvey.com

Crown Perth (Botanical 4)

Great Eastern Highway Burswood Victoria Park 6100, Australia

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