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2 Day Weekend Immersion

It's time to Uncage ourself from everything that is keeping us small.

We will come together as brothers,

Journeying together to release our suppressed emotions,

Heal and integrate our wounds

and Uncage ourself from any limiting beliefs or societal structures that have been placed upon us.

We are releasing the old identities and stories of what we first believed it meant to be a Man, so that we can evolve and embrace this new way of being.

It’s time to breakthrough our barriers,

Take off our masks,

Uncage ourself,

Be raw and real,

and reveal who we are at the core our being.

To uncage ourself,

Is to find liberation within,

To be fully expressed with no judgement,

Just love and acceptance.

We are breaking through our old stories breaking through the shelves and cage that we have placed upon our self we are breaking through the cage of our pain we are breaking through the cage about isolation

This is a deep dive into our internal world to embrace and love our shadow self,

To release and guilt, fear and shame,

To breakthrough any limiting beliefs,

To heal and integrate our wounds,

and to feel the love and support of the Brotherhood.

Over these two days you will meet your edge,

You will lean in,

You will release and received

You will be seen, felt and heard,

You will support and be supported,

You will emerge as an evolved Man

This is the time that we can gather as Men for our own personal and collective healing of our own Masculine wounding,

Evolving as Men who have released the shackles and Uncaged ourself from limiting place we have placed ourself.

This is a No Bullshit space, be ready to be called out and called forward on all that no longer serves you and all that you can be.


DATE: November 23rd & 24th

TIME: Saturday 8am - 8pm

Sunday 8am - 5pm

LOCATION: EQ Wellness Centre

1/51 Lancaster Rd, Wangara, Perth


- Somatic Release

- Emotional regulation and Self-awareness

- Breath work (Shamanic)

- Discourse

- Shadow work

- Ceremony

- Ice Immersion

- Breakthrough Session

- Brotherhood

- Healthy Lunch & Dinner (sat)


Early Bird: $350 (ends Oct 26th)

Full Price: $400

*Payment Plans Available


Deposits are non-refundable

Cancellation policy as per Terms and Conditions which are given upon application and check out.


For any questions or for payment details please contact:

Tim Morrison


EQ Wellness Centre

1 Lancaster Road Wangara WA 6065, Australia

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Tim Morrison
Tim Morrison

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