kdcWORKS is a place to experiment, a place to risk, to move and be moved.

kdcWORKS is an open-access studio that models a new kind of artist-driven community. A gathering spot for the exchange of creative ideas across the cultures of kids, performance makers, movers and pedestrians. The doors of kdcWORKS are always open.

Workshops are based on the one room school house model- all ages and experiences moving together.

Performances are not stiff, class-coded, regimented affairs; they are neighborhood happenings where fans from the high-art crowd mingle with the kids from the local schools and their parents.

The driving force of kdcWORKS is the belief that the arts can and have a responsibility to create change- it is not an option- change in individuals, in communities and the way that they form, evolve, communicate, and learn- Change that requires risk, creativity, and work.

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408 Macquarie Street South Hobart Tasmania 7004, Australia

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