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Educational Supports & Accommodations for ADHDers

Webinar: Tuesday the 19th of March @7:30-9pm

(Recording available for 14 days if you cannot make it live.)

Join Child Behaviour Specialist, Chrissie Davies for their educational webinar which will support your fabulous ADHDer in their educational setting.

Chrissie dedicated her career to teaching in Specialist Educational Settings supporting hundreds of kids living with ADHD, and she is also raising two amazing neurodivergent kids who see, feel, hear and move through the world in their own unique way. She now runs educational advocacy consultations for families, schools and attends many Student Support Group meetings to ensure that our ADHDers are receiving adequate supports and understandings.

"With the rights supports in place, all ADHDers can learn and thrive at school."

During the webinar she will discuss:

The importance of relational safety - NO trust - NO learning!

Families and teachers - coming together

ADHD - a divergent way of thinking & learning

Using strengths and interests for motivation and dopamine

Adjusting expectations is NOT lowering expectations

ADHDers and Cognitive Fatigue

Supporting executive functioning and working memory

Four different kinds of brain breaks and how they differ

Student Support Group Meetings

Individual Education/Behaviour Plans/Affirming goals

What supports and accommodations can you actually ask for?

Chrissie's top 5 Game changing supports for all ADHDers

**Each attendee will also receive a copy of Chrissie's Personal Profile Template that she shares with her own children's educators each year.**

I cannot wait to share my knowledge with you - Big squish, Chrissie xo xo

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