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Classes are suitable to all levels, from beginners to advanced.
Genuine Brazilian instruments – MARCAÇÃO (1st, 2nd, 3rd), REPIQUE, CAIXA, TAMBORIM, CHOCALHO, AGOGO, RECO-RECO are provided or BYO

A “Bateria” is the percussion section of a Samba School. In Carlos’ hometown, Rio de Janeiro, there are often up to 300 percussionists playing in one Bateria!

Get ready to unleash the rhythm within and master the art of Bateria with Brazilian Master Drummer Carlos Ferreira!

Join our 8-week course and learn from Carlos, a “carioca” from of Vila Isabel, who loves to share his expertise and passion for Bateria. Course participants will learn to play a range of Brazilian Percussion rhythms, build their knowledge of musical forms and master drumming techniques in a fun Bateria environment led by Mestre Carlos.

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What they said about Carlos:

"Carlos is a great teacher and is very adept at conveying the hardest thing to teach, the spirit of samba. As Musical Director of the Edinburgh Festival Cavalcade 2004 he managed to teach four sambas and samba reggae tunes to over 100 musicians, many of who had never played together before, in just two days!

We look forward to working with Carlos again soon, very soon."

Stuart Thomas
Edinburgh Samba School
25 January 2005

"Dear Carlos,

Thank you so much for the wonderful samba workshop you ran recently at Birmingham Conservatoire. All thestudents involved enjoyed the experience and learnt a huge amount in a short space of time . Besides learning new techniques and rhythms, the most positive aspect of the workshop was experiencing the feel of Brazilian samba . The type of Samba played in England differs greatly from the styles that you demonstrated. It was great to explore a new approach and has prompted a fresh perspective for the future of our small bateria. In particular, some of the group are desperate to start including singing over the rhythms.

Our gratitude goes out to you for staying a further ninety minutes after the official workshop time to record rhythms with the participants. Such actions are above and beyond the call of duty and all the students really appreciate it. Furthermore, a number of students have commented favourably about the relaxed way the workshop was run. Although some of the rhythms played were quite challenging ,the atmosphere was friendly and no-one felt intimidated or out of their depth.

I wish you all the best for the future and hope that when you next return to England you would be willing to run another samba workshop.

Thank you once again !
Yours sincerely,"

Professor Andrew Downes
Head of Composition and Creative Studies
Birmingham Conservatoire - England
23 June 2004

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your drumming skills to the next level and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Brazilian percussion.

Note – This is an 5-week course, running weekly TUESDAY 21 NOVEMBER to TUESDAY 19 DECEMBER. The Workshop Pass covers the full 5 weeks


After dedicating 35 years to founding and managing the renowned Melbourne Samba School, Australia's first of its kind, Carlos is eagerly gearing up to establish a vibrant Rio de Janeiro-style BATERIA (percussion section) in Hobart. Beyond just a "bateria," we aspire to foster a warm, familial community of friends who share a passion for life and Brazilian percussion.

Carlos has extensively travelled overseas where he both performed and organised workshops. Countries visited include Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, England, Scotland, Sweden, Slovenia, Iceland, Japan, USA, Germany and Switzerland. Carlos specializes in training large Samba School "baterias" in creative arrangements with the authentic Rio de Janeiro feel. 

Carlos has trained and directed several "baterias" around the world, including leading 400 UK drummers for the Guinness Book of Records World Record Attempt in Cornwall, England, 100-plus percussionists at the Cuba Street Festival Grand Finale in Wellington, New Zealand and 150-plus UK percussionists at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland.

Carlos has participated of several international events, including:


- 2011 London School of Samba Workshop
- 2011 Manchester School of Samba Workshop
- 2009 London School of Samba Workshop- 2009 Manchester School of Samba Workshop
- 2009 Unidos Workshop - Isle of Wight
- 2006 Isle of Wight
- 2004 Birmingham Music Conservatoire
- 2004 Carnival Encounter - Brighton
- 2004 Bristol Samba School
- 2004 Sol Samba - Oxford
- 2004 Directing 400-plus percussionists for the Guinness Book Of Records, Encontro Atlantico - St. Ives, Cornwall
- 2004 Isle of Wight

- 2011 Querschlaeger Workshop – Paderborn
- 2009 Querschlaeger Workshop - Paderborn
- 2009 Bloco Tortura Workshop - Paderborn

- 2006 Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts
- 2006 Workshop for 1000 Primary & Secondary students - Tsuen Wan Town Hall
- 2006 Workshops for 1000 Primary & Secondary students - Ko Shan Theatre
- 2006 Kids Workshop at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre
- 2006 Masterclass - Hong Kong Culural Centre

- 2004 Tónlistarskóla FÍH Music School, Reikjavik

- 2010 Wellington Batucada Workshops, Wellington
- 2009 Carlos combined four baterias (120 percussionists) to perform at the Grand Finale of the Cuba Street Carnival in Wellington.
- 2008 Wellington Batucada Workshops, Wellington
- 2008 Mt Aspiring College, Wanaka
- 2008 AK Samba Workshops, Auckland
- 2008 Rotorua Samba Workshops, Rotorua
- 2008 Tauranga Samba Workshops, Tauranga
- 2008 Wanaka Samba Workshops, Wanaka
- 2004 Jambalaya Festival (New Zealand)
- 2003 Jambalaya Festival (New Zealand )
- 2003 Wellington International Jazz Festival
- 2001 School of Creative and Performing Arts (University of Auckland).

- 2006 Edinburgh Samba School
- 2004 Braincroft Lodge Workshops
- 2004 Edinburgh Samba School
- 2004 Training/Directing 180 plus UK percussionists at Edinburgh Festival (Music Director for the Edinburgh Samba School Cavalcade)

- 2011 Maravilha do Samba - Uppsala
- 2011 Sao Miguel – Uppsala
- 2004 Uniao do Samba - Stockholm

- 1985 – 2022 Weekly Brazilian Percussion Classes for MelSamba
- 2011 Sambanistas, Bloco do Norte & Bassonovas - Perth, Australia
- 2007 Samba Workshops for Beleza (Fremantle)
- 2007 Samba Workshops for Brisamba (Brisbane)
- 2006 Devonport Jazz Festival (Tasmania)
- 2001 Lambert Music
- 1991 Billy Hydes Drum Clinic
- 1988 -1989 Mission for the Seaman


2009 - Interviewed by John Campbell and performed (training then leading AKSamba bateria) on Campbell Live on Channel 3 (New Zealand television).

2009 - Invited by the Brazilian Embassy in New Zealand to tour the country and teach in four cities. Carlos combined the four baterias (120 percussionists) to perform at the Grand Finale of the Cuba Street Carnival in Wellington. Each bateria played a rhythm by itself then combined them together creating an amazing effect.

2008 - Invited to tour both New Zealand islands, teaching in five cities and performing at two big concerts in Auckland and Wellington.

2006 - Invited by the Hong Kong government to run a series of major workshops (two of them for 1000 primary students each) and concerts all over the area, including the prestigious Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

2006 - Workshops for the Edinburgh Samba School (Scotland) & Unidos (Isle of Wight - England)

2004 - Invited to several events during his European tour in 2004 including running Brazilian Percussion Workshops at the Samba Encounter in Brighton, England; leading 160 UK percussionists at the Edinburgh Festival Cavalcade, Scotland and leading 400 UK drummers for the Guinness Book of Records World Record Attempt in Cornwall, England.

2004 – Invited as a Brazilian Percussion teacher and lead performer for the Jambalaya Festival, Taupo, New Zealand. He trained and led the Wellington Batucada samba band at the Festival’s main event.

2003 – Invited as a Brazilian Percussion teacher and lead performer for the Jambalaya Festival, Taupo, New Zealand. He trained and led the Wellington Batucada samba band at the festival’s main event.

2003 – Carlos was sponsored by the Brazilian Embassy in Wellington and invited to be a performer and a Brazilian Percussion teacher at the Wellington Jazz Festival.

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