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Soul Sangeet NADA Workshop

Note: New Address is Dragonfly Zen Studio

NEW ADDRESS IS : 142-144 Grafton Street, Cairns City 4870.

~ soulful sound healing;  rhythm and raga nada yoga workshop

This is a workshop not just for musicians and music lovers but for anyone interested in connecting and transforming themselves from a deeper level through sound, voice and rhythm. Learn in a fun interactive way with your voice or instrument of choice how music is a yogic lifestyle.

~ In the session participants will learn a systematic and creative manner that outline the fundamental building blocks which create music and language.

~ Learn the theory and philosophy of what is Indian Classical Music and the esoteric concept of Raga and its ancient origins.

~ Speak the intricate language of Rhythm (Tala) & Melody Raga , & then how to combine them freely yourself with song or mantra etc

~ Learn a single Raga, how to invoke the feelings, mood, atmosphere and act as a musical channel between the realm of Ragas & cycles of time.

~ Sing freely and be guided through various melodic phrases of a  Raga in a supported meditative group setting

~ Understanding the power of sound, natural keys, tonal qualities and natural strengths/weaknesses with our own voice and how we can strengthen them through sadhana as with the body in Yoga.

~ Natural Benefits*

includes opening through the voice which opens and connects us back to our heart and allows for more clearer communication and confidence in our every day life. Shivam believes the throat is the bridge between the head and heart and through voice and sound alone we can create more harmonious pathways between our entire physical, mental & emotional being.

Dragonfly Zen

142-144 Grafton Street Cairns City QLD 4870, Australia

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Han Sundardas
Soul Sangeet

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