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Join us this full moon by the fire at Saint Aidan Wines and be bathed in the angelic voice of the songs for body and soul healing, alchemy Crystal singing bowls, healing drums and more.

This super moon in Capricorn it is time to find the balance between your private life and need for nurturing and our public life, career and accountability.

Something is building and now is the time to find your flow and bring balance to what you are ready to let out with grace and ease.

Heather will share with you some special messages relevant to help find this balance at this time then take you on a journey to other worlds and beyond within your very own heart. Leave feeling you have been nourished mind, body and soul, floating on a cloud of peace.

After receiving the gentle sound healing and wisdom you will be served with tasting plate and your choice of wine or a hot cuppa.

What to Bring:
Your sacred self :-)
Yoga mat or something to comfortably lay on.
Blanket and Pillow
Water Bottle
A journal if you wish to write any messages you receive in your healing journey.

Heather Jean is known as Oracle of Sound (R). A Sharman and modern day medicine woman, Heather works directly with spirit and the universal intelligence to leave you feeling lighter, more connected, balanced and with a clear sense of direction.