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2 Day Policy and Advocacy Intensive 

The 2 Day Policy and Advocacy Intensive provides people from the not-for-profit sector with the opportunity to work alongside like-minded individuals to develop the critical skills required to navigate policy and political processes and make change happen.

What are people saying about this training?

More than 350 people working and volunteering in the not-for-profit have attended the 2 Day Policy and Advocacy Intensive. Here is some of the feedback we’ve received.

Thank you so much for a fabulous 2 days! I've attended many advocacy workshops and training and by far For Purpose was the best training on advocacy ever... I didn't leave feeling like 'this is all impossible' but rather I feel well equipped to make change happen for the people my organisation represents.

David Briggs, NSW, Council for Intellectual Disability

“This is one of the most useful and inspiring trainings I’ve attended.I wish I knew these things earlier and feel more skilled to promote change in the ways I want to."

Fiona Hunt QCOSS

What does the training cover?

The 2 Day Policy and Advocacy intensive takes people through the steps required to identify and develop policy priorities and create targeted advocacy strategies to make change happen. The topics covered in the 2 Day Policy and Advocacy Intensive are:

  • ·Articulating a clear problem and ask
  • ·Identifying targets and influencers
  • ·Theory on how social change happens
  • ·Communicating clear messages and making the case for change
  • ·Developing clear advocacy strategy objectives
  • ·Understanding advocacy cycles
  • ·Developing innovative advocacy tactics
  • ·Developing advocacy strategies
  • ·Implementing what we’ve learnt

Learning outcomes

  • ·Understand how to develop a clear problem and ask.
  • ·Gain the ability to identify and research targets and influencers who can help to make the policy change happen.
  • ·Understand social change theory and learn how these theories can be used to help to assess the policy environment.
  • ·Understand the four advocacy cycles and opportunities to engage in each of these, including the political and public policy advocacy cycles.
  • ·Understand how to effectively communicate the desired policy change.
  • ·Understand how to develop an advocacy strategy which incorporates the lessons from across the two days.

People will also be provided with all training powerpoint slides and the Advocacy Strategy Template; a collection of tools and resources that can be used in the office to develop an advocacy strategy from beginning to end.

Who should attend the 2 Day Policy and Advocacy Intensive?

This 2 Day Policy and Advocacy Intensive has been developed for people working in the not-for-profit sector. It is for anyone seeking to influence government, particularly people working in policy, advocacy, government relations and communication roles.

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