The Moderation Movement

The Moderation Movement was started in 2014 by Jodie Arnot, Registered Counsellor & Registered Fitness Professional, and Zoe Nicholson, Accredited Practicing Dietitian & Nutritionist.

Much of the Western world has gone food & fitness mad and increasingly, there is a fixation with our physical appearance which is causing much distress with how we feel about ourselves.

Our mission is to counter all the hype and promote a healthy enjoyment of all food and encourage exercise for enjoyment, not punishment. We also have a strong focus on body image and supporting people to feel good within a diverse range of body shapes and sizes.

The Moderation Movement is an advocate of HAES - The Health At Every Size movement.

The Moderation Movement Manifesto: What we stand for

Health is not about rules, deprivation nor guilt

Health requires balance and to achieve balance, one needs to make small, sustainable lifestyle changes

Learn how to eat intuitively again by reconnecting with your body’s internal cues of hunger and fullness

Through intuitive eating, regain trust in your body to tell you what, when and how much to eat, rather than following prescriptive diets or meal plans

Learn to eat intuitively and you’ll never need to diet again

There are no good or bad foods and food should never be feared nor demonised

A mindful enjoyment of all foods and enjoyment of food for both nourishment and pleasure

Exercise for enjoyment, never punishment

Set wellness goals that don’t focus on appearance or size

Don’t shame others for their lifestyle choices or appearance

There is more than one way to achieve wellness.

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