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Diversity Training

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The workplace should have a diversity of people, who are proud to be themselves, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender. The challenge for leaders in the workplace is how to get these people to work together as one team. A key ingredient to ensuring success in organisations is effective teamwork. We all know this. If companies fail to embrace diversity, they could face serious legal consequences.

As organisations recognize the benefits of having diverse workers, diversity and inclusion are increasingly important business priorities. Companies are creating diversity and inclusive programs and setting up diversity task force. They also hire diversity officers. Training is an important tool for building a diverse, inclusive culture. It helps employees understand and promote diversity.

How diversity training can help

Diversity has been a hallmark of Australia. Although it has not been fully implemented throughout history, the most successful civilisations relied on increased manpower, innovation, and diversity from people of different cultures, races, and religions. The business world also values diversity, so it's not surprising. It is not surprising that the business world values diversity. To exclude one group means you lose an avenue for profit. Teams that can work with different cultures are more likely to succeed. integrating different perspectives and cultures can present new challenges and opportunities. This course addresses this problem in order to help teams be more successful at work.

Diversity Training Outline

Lesson 1

Course Overview

  • Getting To Know
  • About the Workshop
  • Learning Objectives
  • Personal Objectives

Lesson 2

Defining Diversity

  • Defining Diversity and Related Terms

Lesson 3

How Does Diversity Affect Me?

  • How Changing World Cam Affect
  • Self-Awareness Inventory

Lesson 4

Identifying Stereotypes

  • Different Angles of Stereotypes

Lesson 5

Wise Words

  • Universally Incorrect Phrases
  • Basic Guidelines

Lesson 6

The Cornerstones of Diversity

  • Identifying four Cornerstones of Diversity
  • Examine Each Details

Lesson 7

How to Discourage Diversity

  • Four common Mistakes
  • How to Avoid them

Lesson 8

The STOP Technique

  • The Four Steps
  • Role Play

Lesson 9

Managing for Diversity

  • Manager Can Do
  • Employee Can Do

Lesson 10

Dealing with Discrimination

  • What is Discrimination
  • How to Deal Discrimination : Manager
  • How to Deal Discrimination : Employee

Lesson 11

Workshop Wrap-Up

  • Personal Action Plan
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Course Evaluation
  • General Evaluation
  • Final Thoughts
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