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During July, Sands is celebrating friends. Not the cheesy 90s television show but the incredible people who have been the major supporting characters in our grief stories. Who comes to mind for you? It might be the friend who continues to speak your baby’s name with love, your old friend who has stuck with you even thought it was scary and hard when your baby died, the unexpected friend you met at Sands, or maybe the friend who watches cheesy television with you on the days when that is all you can do. We’re celebrating them all by offering you a unique graphic where you can name them and recognise the incredible role they have played for you.

We will include first name, first name and first initial of family name, or a respectful nickname to go on your graphic for your friend.  Graphics will be uploaded into an album on Sands Australia Facebook Page on Fridays 10, 17 and 24 July, with a final upload on International Friendship Day Thursday 30 July.

You might like to tag your friend in the graphic we create with their name, or message them with a copy.   

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