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HOT OFF THE PRESS: June Cartel have become tangled up in something that we'd have to kill you if you knew anything more about, but swooping in to the rescue are Lamborghini Eagleman!

Lamborghini Eagleman are Australia's premier guitar-synth conglomerate, featuring the Talents of Joshua Johnstone as Al Romeo, Zachary Sakrewski as Greg Ospré, and Adam Brill reprising the role of Hawke Richley, Lamborghini Eagleman are the soundtrack from boardroom to bedroom (and everything in between).

Come and join us on a journey through time and sound!

Banshees is bringing Elktung and June Cartel Lamborghini Eagleman out to Ipswich for the first time. Prepare your ears for an evening of the weird and wonderful.

ELKTUNG bend melody and time to create a funk that pulls you up and down, bringing you into the twisted space they inhabit.

JUNE CARTEL are a post-everything trio, fully improvised, fully sick. You never know what you're going to get but dang do you know it will be tight.

Tickets are only $10, only on the 24th of June