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Liz will be joining Naomi Viret, sexual health education officer for an informal question & answer style webinar on aspects of relationships, disability, sexual & reproductive health. You may recognise Liz’s name from her work and TV appearances in “Love me as I am” and “The Dateables

People on the autism spectrum, with disability or brain injury face the same issues as other people when it comes to relationships. Friendship is important. And the desire to love and be loved, whether as a friend or an intimate companion, is a drive that defines a person in a way that no disability ever can. People with a disability need to gain the skills and rules that help to form relationships as this has such a positive impact on our lives. Liz has worked with people with disability for over thirty years including education, employment, residential, legal rights and recreation. She has more than 15 years’ experience counselling and providing training in relationships and sexuality to people with disability, family members and support staff.