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All day we’ll have platter specials for you to share with your friend, either pre-order or order on the day! Platters just $25 for Members, $28 for Visitors. The platters are:

Antipasto Platter - A selection of cured meats, cold cuts, cheese & marinated vegetables with crostini & hand-pounded pesto

Slider Platter – Selection of Sliders & Shoestring Fries
PK1 on Brioche
Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Tomato, Mayo & Hot Sauce
Falafel, Hummus, Eggplant & Tabouleh on Charcoal Brioche
Pulled Pork, Slaw & BBQ on Brioche

Cocktail Platter – Selection of Snack Foods & Dips
Spring Rolls
Dim Sims
Fish Cocktail Bites
Calamari Rings Sweet Chilli, Plum & Aioli

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