Plenty Parklands Primary School

The PURPOSE of Plenty Parklands Primary School is to educate children as lifelong learners to shape a better Australia.

At Plenty Parklands Primary School we deliver a high quality primary school education, providing children with solid foundations for secondary education and preparing our students to become successful Australian citizens. The atmosphere of the school is supportive and friendly, with students, staff and parents working together to achieve the best learning outcomes for all children in a caring environment. 

School Vision

Our vision is that...

  1. Our students have the individual skills and knowledge to succeed in a rapidly changing world.
  2. Our students, staff and community learn, and are cared for, in an environment that reflects our school values.
  3. The school ethos adds value to each child's life through an independent partnership between parents, staff and students.
  4. The school promotes individual and team excellence, and individual and team contributions to national wellbeing.
  5. The 12 Quality Principles provide the foundation on which the school operates and students, staff and parents learn. 

Contact Information

Plenty Parklands Primary
(03) 9404 4311

48 Blossom Park Drive Mill Park VIC 3082, Australia


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