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The Actors Pulse is an acting school in Sydney providing a unique approach to learning the art of acting. Our acting classes combine techniques used for stage acting with the special considerations needed for film and television work. With a strong and basic foundation, an actor can confidently approach any material. 

Dubbed in the USA 'the technique that works', The Meisner Technique is a genuine and organic, step-by-step approach to acting.

Founded in 1997 by Billy Milionis, one of the only acting coaches in Australia to have personally studied under the great Sanford Meisner, The Actors Pulse is an acting school specialising in the most modern version of the Meisner Technique in the country.

This acting school incorporates screen acting and audition technique classes into the training program, allowing artists who are seeking professional careers in Film, Theatre and Television, to keep up with a continuously changing industry. Within our voice & movement departments our very affordable Voice & Dialect classes, private voice tutorials and movement classes allow actors to train at a high standard and progress from a beginner level to a very advance level.

Acting teachers of both Meisner and Screen Acting classes have between them over 20 years of acting experience nationally and internationally in the entertainment industry, earning themselves numerous nominations and awards for their work, such as Australian Film Awards.

As well as being a strong and unique acting school, graduates from The Actors Pulse have formed the Pulse Group Theatre, an ensemble group theatre, to produce professional stage plays - from national and international playwrights - annually. Students currently enrolled at our acting school have the option to become a member of the group, giving them hands-on work experience in many areas of a production.

The Actors Pulse

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103 Regent Street Redfern NSW 2016, Australia

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