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Do you know with crystal clarity what your vision for your life is?

Whether it’s your business, career, lifestyle, or personal life - do you KNOW what you want?

I was sharing my story the other night at an event I was invited to speak at. I told the beautiful women in the audience how I had NO idea it was even possible to create a vision. 

To intentionally create my life. Instead of drifting through it in response to whatever was happening around me. Passively getting pulled from pillar to post, dependent on what was in front of me at the time.

It wasn’t until I decided to study coaching and found out about this novel idea of deliberately and specifically creating a vision for how I wanted my life to be. Everything from what I wanted to be experiencing in my business to what my life overall was like.

This set me on a path to knowing with deep clarity what I wanted. It was no longer about what I ‘didn’t want’ (I was all over what I was fed up with, and could whinge about all of that endlessly. No, this was what I DID want - which I initially had no clue about!

I knew I wanted to stop being reactive to life, and instead wanted to be intentional.

I knew that if I didn’t work out where I was heading, I would just be bobbing about out at sea, with no direction, and just making decisions randomly to avoid pain as much as possible.

Creating my own vision led to far greater ease with asserting my boundaries. I was working part time back then while studying to be a coach and learning everything about setting up a business. Instead of working back late or coming in for training on my day off, I could say with conviction that I wasn’t available. In my mind, I had other priorities which meant choices became much easier and I wasn’t overthinking them or feeling guilty any more.

I started to feel purposeful and empowered and trusted that I intuitively knew what it was that I wanted and was going after. I felt excited and a little bit nervous but mostly so pumped to see it all come to life.

This was the beginning of me going from a part time job that was very lacklustre and depleting my energy, to someone focused on a bright and exciting future. It’s the shift that resulted in us moving from the outer western suburbs of Melbourne, to buying land and building in Torquay so we could live the life of my vision - working full time in my business with clients I loved and enjoying a coastal lifestyle.

Nobody has YOUR vision. It is like a blueprint that is only right for YOU.

It’s not cookie cutter. It’s not a system or sequence.

It’s not copying someone else’s vision, thinking if it’s brought you happiness then it is bound to work for you too.

It just doesn’t work like that. You only have to look at the string of entrepreneurs over the past decade who thought they wanted to be a ‘7 figure coach’ or have a ‘laptop / nomadic lifestyle’ but then got there and didn't even feel good about it - or burnt out trying and are now back in a corporate job, more unfulfilled than ever.

You see, once you can unlock the secret, soul-led vision that is already within you (but remains like a combination lock until you have the sequence) you will start to develop a filtering system of knowing what’s important to you. And importantly, what is not.

You don’t have to spend hours trying to work it out alone. Most people will do this kind of exercise but will be up in their heads trying to ‘work it out’, or ‘thinking about it’. That will not work. Because it doesn’t tap into your subconscious mind and what feels magical and ‘right’ to you. Maybe you make a little progress, but you are definitely making it much harder (and slower) than it needs to be.

I help you to fast-track the realising of your own vision. Your unique, precious, specific vision.

It will feel exciting and inspiring and be pulling you towards it.

I have been running various iterations of this workshop for the past 6 years. I’ve done face to face workshops; masterclasses; been invited to run a session on this within someone’s else’s private group; run it as a ‘vision board’ workshop, and more.

I know with absolute certainty what you need from me (help to connect with your vision). And what you can do independent of me (create a vision board if you choose).

I will gently guide you to discover your own vision via meditation and embodiment practices.

You can then choose to do a vision board in your own time if you choose.

As a result, you are getting an extremely powerful, transformative, and hugely valuable experience that will change your life (as long as you take action following on from it - chillaxing on the couch with Netflix day in, day out ain’t gonna cut it!)

Imagine KNOWING what your vision is?!

And knowing with conviction what decisions to make to help you to make progress to realise this.

I have NO doubt that I would not be living at the beach right now if I hadn’t gained clarity on my own vision.

Trust me when I say, this an absolute no-brainer. 

I have guided enough people through this process to tell you with complete conviction that this ‘works’. It is powerful. 

Most people actually comment that they can’t believe how ‘deep’ they went during the meditation - even those who were worried they weren’t 'great' or really struggled with visualisation.

Some examples of what people have experienced following participating in creating their vision in the past are:

  • Their dream home in the Whitsundays
  • Dream clients (on a whole other level to who they had previously been working with)
  • A dream promotion
  • Attracting new team members into a MLM business, despite struggling a lot previously
  • Have a high level of clarity on what their business expansion was going to look like in the future
  • Gaining incredible clarity on new projects and offerings

It’s not magic - it’s based on science, the Law of Attraction and quantum physics.

If you’d rather spend your time just printing out pictures from Pinterest that look lovely, or writing some INSPIRATIONAL words on a vision board without any sense of what your vision actually is, that’s awesome! Go for it. You’ll have fun and may have some luck.

But if you want to go to get specific and customised to YOU, then this one’s a dream.

All The Details:

When: Monday 20 June @ 9.30am - 10.30am

Format: Via Zoom (recorded if you can’t make it live, but be aware that you will bring a different energy to a Live event to what you will a recorded one)

Investment: $88 (GST inc).

Who is it for? Anyone who has a desire to identify their vision (no need to be a business owner). Whether you're in a business; career; job you hate; side hustle; stay at home parent, whatever! The only thing that matters is whether you'd like to know what your unique vision is, and to connect with that.

Many of you know that I had no plans to run this again Live. But never say never, right?! It’s back in another iteration that feels right for now.

If you’re keen, come and join us. I’d love to see you there, so you can round off the financial year and be ready to hit the ground running in the new one.

Questions People Ask:

I have NO idea what a vision is and how to work out what my own vision would be OR I have created a vision (or vision board before) - will this still be beneficial?:

This is great. This Masterclass is perfect for anyone wanting to renew their vision or create their first one. Either way, you are fully guided and supported through the whole process and I will help you to work out exactly what your own vision is, even though you currently may have no idea (I also had no clue in the beginning!)

Can I get a refund?

You can get a refund up to 7 days prior to the Masterclass. However, given that the Masterclass is being recorded, you'll be able to listen to it at any time that suits you if you can't join us Live for any reason.

What can I expect?

You will be provided with questions to consider that you may never have thought of before. So expect to open your mind to possibilities; get curious; and have some fun with it. I create a very safe and supportive environment so people feel free to ask questions or seek help if they're feeling stuck. 

You will also connect with some other people and be inspired by the ideas that come from choosing to come together with others who want to connect with their vision also.

What's Included:

The 60 mins Masterclass gives you an hour to spend with me to help to fast track you connecting with your own unique vision in a way that feels highly aligned, exciting and inspiring. 

You will also receive some journal prompts to help you to progress your vision.

You will have access to the recording to download for the future if you wish to re-listen to it.

That date doesn't suit me / I'm busy with end of financial year - will you be running it again?

Many of you know that I had no plans to run this again Live. It is highly likely that this will become a product that can be purchased at various intervals throughout the year, but not in a Live context. That may change - I don't lock myself into rigid 'rules'. Instead I only ever put offers out that feel exciting and hugely valuable and that I know have the potential to transform the lives of people who are keen. But that's what my sense is currently. 

So if you want to experience me running it Live, this is the one for you. If you can't join Live, you will still be able to watch the recording of the actual Live event at a time that suits you.

Some people truly are flat out at the end of the financial year (I'm looking at you accountants and bookkeepers!) 

And then there are those who will be telling themselves why they're too busy - there's a public holiday in June and school holidays are coming and ..... You get the drill. Yes, I know you really are busy. But what's it worth to you to get crystal clear on your vision so you can make decisions in line with this, and save a tonne of time, energy and money in the future trying to work it out by trial and error.

The thing is, if you're keen you'll either find a way to either claim back an hour in your week just for you (how often do you actually DO that?!) or you'll sign up so you can watch the recording. And if not, sounds like it's not something you really want right now. Which is also totally cool! 


Laura Waters:

"I participated in Kylie’s “create your vision” workshop earlier this year.

It came at a time that I needed to reset my personal and business life after the challenges the pandemic had thrown at us.

Since then I’ve refocused on what’s important to me and clarified what I want to achieve in my personal and business life and reconnected with why I want to do it.

If you are looking to reset and clarify your path ahead, I couldn’t recommend Kylie and this workshop more highly".

Mark Ainsworth.

"I just completed Kylie’s Create Your Vision Workshop. I was hoping to get a clear vision and goals for moving forward with the business and my personal life.

I came out feeling excited and motivated to achieve what is on my board. I now have a clear vision of where I want to be in life.

I was surprised at how clear my vision of what I want came out".

Rebecca Stott

"Having never successfully immersed myself in identifying my vision or doing a vision board, I came into the Create Your Vision workshop with an open mind and high expectation. I was not disappointed. The clarity alone that I achieved was well worth it.

As a facilitator, Kylie’s warmth and genuine investment in each of us as individuals throughout the process was both valued and appreciated.

If you are looking for clarity in business and / or refining your goals I highly recommend Kylie’s Create Your Vision Workshop".

Claire Reynolds

"I have really enjoyed the [Create Your Vision] workshop today. Kylie enabled me to have a clear vision of what my future can be. All women in business need to take this workshop!"

Catherine Mabbett

“I had so much fun at the Create Your Vision Masterclass that Kylie from KMB Coaching held! I went to this class because I needed to clarify my vision around a project I want to create and needed to hone in my thoughts to put them into action as my head felt really wishy washy and I didn’t know where to start. I was able to get everything on my board and really see my project vision come to life. 

I couldn’t recommend this masterclass highly enough for anyone that wants to bring clarity around what they want to achieve so they can make it happen!” 

Dominique Ho

‘I wanted to thank Kylie so much for helping me on the most amazing self discovery journey which has opened up so much for me and my family and I am now living a life I absolutely love.

Last year I was fortunate enough to be lead by Kylie through the process of creating a vision to manifest what I wanted in life.

My husband had been made redundant in June 2020 and the jobs he was applying for were all out bush (he is a maintenance planner on the mines)....

I was trying to get my head around moving into a remote Australian country town....way off what I really wanted as we had always talked about retiring one day to somewhere close to water…

With Kylie’s support and direction I created a vision and my main focus was about living with a water view!

I made a vision board and kept it in my room so it could be in focus and I set daily intentions around it.

A few months later we moved locations from Brisbane to the Whitsundays.

I attribute our amazing move to manifesting through the wonderful vision and intentions.

Well not only do we have an amazing water view, our lifestyle and my mindset is so wonderful.

I continue to do work on myself and in fact I have a journal by my bed, I do meditations often and I set my intentions for the day when I can and I am always saying affirmations to remain positive and keep my energy raised.

So life is great and I know will continue to be.

It hasn't always been but I truly believe you get out what you put into it.

Thank you for your help with this amazing life journey…..x’