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CHEMISTRY. So many connotations - high school, sexual tension, your anti-depressants, romance, the ozone layer, neurotransmitters, toxic fire-fighting foams and of course Eshays and the good times.

Zoe is a mostly self-taught Chemistry enthusiast who happens to (still) hold a legitimate job as a government scientist, keeping track of chemicals all over the place, including your drug use signatures in sewage and how much humans really are f**king up the planet in all sorts of ways you haven’t even contemplated.

At 3am she'll be up reading medical journals for the latest on clinical trials of microdosing AND macrodosing psychedelic drugs, or absorbing new discoveries across the neurodiverse multiverse. She'll share her stories of experiments, old and new, legal and otherwise. Laughter is the best form of dopamine to be had in public, so come along one night and have a learn while you're about it.