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16 Shades, The Mystery of White. .

Conquer Teeth Whitening with confidence

The Why, What, & How of Teeth Whitening for the Dental Professional


Have you Ever wondered why the beauty salons and mobile businesses are killing it with their Teeth whitening services... It’s a multimillion-dollar industry in Australia, so are you missing out???

Here’s what's amazing and enlightening…

You COULD offer a toolbox of Teeth whitening techniques with a variety of price points, so you can look after ALL your customers... and especially now while money is tight for everyone, it’s a WIN-WIN for everyone, and you won't lose them to the salon down the road!

Here's the reality..

It’s not an “unrealistic dream” to be able to provide consistently successful, cost-friendly, and painless, teeth Whitening services for your clients.

The strategies I teach and the variety of products I sell & use myself are what allows us to offer a variety of options for the clients we serve, that are super effective & also cost-friendly….

YOU can grow this part of your business, so customers will say “YES!” to one or other options you have on offer ….

I’ve done the heavy lifting, investigation, and testing for you.

I have created a toolbox of tricks, techniques & DIFFERENT products to help you create a menu of teeth whitening services, so your customers aren’t flying out the door and paying for Teeth whitening services at the local beauty salon....

BONUS: Mobile whitening services included in the training, with so much extra valuable information on getting started with your own business.. you can learn more about my other training course here:


Paulette is a Registered Dental Hygienist and holds a Graduate Diploma in Adult Education and Training. In her Teeth Whitening and Dental Hygiene studio, using a variety of different products she has whitened the teeth of 100's of clients. Paulette has been working successfully in her unconventional model of Independent practice since 2014. She generously shares her ideas and experience and loves mentoring other Oral Health Professionals wanting to learn more and investigate uncharted opportunities…her experience and enthusiasm has led to the development of this training course delivered Online and Hands-On for Oral Health Professionals to develop confidence and competence in Teeth Whitening.

WHAT? ...Online Training & Hands-On

The online training includes:

  • Introduction, short history, and Science behind Teeth Whitening
  • Treatment planning for successful Whitening
  • In’s and out’s of Whitening products and materials
  • In-office (power) Whitening
  • Take-Home whitening (includes a review of impression taking and construction of trays)
  • Cosmetic (express) whitening
  • Managing and Developing a Successful Whitening Practice, includes overview of social media marketing
  • Whitening, Therapeutic aesthetics, and Oral Health Improvement
  • Whitening, lightening & treatment of white spot lesions
  • Sensitivity, safety & toxicologic considerations for whitening products

Hands-On training includes

    Review a range of product options, compare pricing, ingredients and compare clinical claims and applications

    Working in pairs, applying gel to partner or alternatively other clients can be made available for real-time practice of the whitening procedures, Including In-Office (Power Whitening) and Cosmetic (Express) whitening

    Practice impression taking and construct a set of whitening trays, test & learn about the cheaper options

    Participants will be required to wear their own protective gown and supply their own eye protection

The Course is divided into two parts: Online Theory & Hands-On

Online THEORY training: (approx 3 hours in total, in your own time, with ongoing access)  

Hands-on training (approx 6 hours) This is a one-off training day to be held in Sydney.

other Available Hands-On Session Dates: (further dates to be released as sessions fill)

  • Sat May 7th, 2022 Somers vic
  • Sat May 28th 2022 Somers vic

LOCATION for Hands-On Program


COST: complete program total cost $850 (8 CPD points)