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Didgeridoo Pranayama Sunken Gardens UWA

Step into an alternative reality into the gardens, ponds and terraced lawns of the UWA’s mini Greek amphitheatre, the Sunken Gardens. Si Mullumby returns to the campus where he studied Physics, Mathematics and Medicine, to share his life’s work, his powerful breathing system, Didgeridoo Pranayama.

In this 2hr 30 minutes session Si will guide you in clever and insightful ways to tune into sound and vibration, before teaching the Didgeridoo Pranayama breathing method. Participants learn the breathing system, the essence of which is a relaxed exhale, and then go on a number of breathing voyages, each one taking a different path inside our own psyche. Each voyage culminates in a collective resonance using our voices, each time we find ourselves more open in our throat, more clear on the inside, more relaxed and more energised. All at the same time.

Breathing together in exactly the same rhythm and cycle of inhalations and exhalations is a potent way to create a greater and deeper sense of self and an broader sense of community.

The journey is profound yet light hearted, focused around creating happiness inside our own beings. Inner happiness creates the resilience that is the foundation of true freedom.

Si holds space throughout the journey creating vibrational support through the powerful resonance of the didgeridoo and the heartfelt passion of flamenco guitar and voice.

The workshop is open to everyone over the age of 14. Silence underpins the journey and the fundamentally gentle method is suited to all who have an interest in breath.

In a nut shell the intention is to make the good gooder.

(you can tell I haven’t been on campus for a while he he)

Please Arrive from 2.15pm for a 2.30pm start

TIX $40 online / $50 Cash on the door

Age Restriction 14+

To Bring:

Please bring what you need to be comfortable on the grass and some water to drink. We recommend a yoga mat, a cushion and a blanket for if it gets chilly.


Best to have lunch an hour or more before the session starts. Come ready to stay inside for the 2.5 hour session. Rest well and take the good energy on offer.

NOTE: If you are working with deep emotions, breath-work, primal therapy or are in a very strong moment in your life, please connect in with Si before purchasing your ticket. The 2.5 hour session is safe and gentle however it can be challenging if your circumstances are strong.

University of Western Australia - Sunken Gardens

35 Stirling Highway Crawley WA 6009, Australia

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Si Mullumby
Didgeridoo Pranayama

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