Showcase Australian Dance Championships

We invite you to be part of the Celebration of the decade

25+ years of “The Australian Dance Championships”

Showcase is officially recognized as the largest Dance event ever created in Australian History. With Dance now also being officially ranked by the government as the most popular sport among young dancers in Australian and New Zealand, this has made it possible for Showcase to be chosen as the number 1 platform for Dancers to compete for the Nations TOP titles for Dance and we invite you to be part of it. This season Showcase will be awarding over $180,000 + of cash and prizes, making it the largest cash awards and prizes are given in Australian Dance Competition history.

Showcase National Dance Championships has continually dominated the Dance competition industry in Australia since the mid-1990s; over the years, Showcase has awarded over 2 million dollars worth of cash awards and prizes. Showcase prides itself on its professionalism to be a much-loved event for a countless generation of dancers who have taken part over the years. Showcase will continue to produce for the Australian and New Zealand Dance community not only a high level event, but also a fun and educational experience in a safe environment.

The level of Dance competitions has definitely taken a new direction and we can’t deny competitiveness is at an all-time high and every dancer wants the TOP spot at the Australian Dance Championships. However, we all must work together to encourage a fun and memorable experience for the dancers and their families when attending Dance competitions.

We are excited to announce that in 2019 we took our Dancer of the Year winners to “Italy” for the World Dance Movement, after the huge success of the 2017 trip to Barcelona Spain & Italy 2018, we are doing it all over again. The change in Dancer of the year and move it into modern times has been the most innovative and rewarding changes are glad we made.

Plus Team Australia & Team New Zealand to Dance World Cup in Portugal 2019.

You will see why I am fully committed along with fellow dance industry competitions and address “social media” and how we conduct ourselves and educating young influential dancers on how to use it in a positive way, we are proud to be also part of the “Australian National Dance Competition Alliance” by entering a National Dance competition that is part of the “alliance” you will have not only to trust in their Australian brand but also a commitment to child safety as well as fair rules across the competitions. We also work closely with the NSW Child guardian to implement these safe environments that all families can enjoy while at our events.

The Showcase National Dance Championships will continue to offer the popular 3 divisions of Elite, Diamond & Ruby Level plus small and large groups and Ruby and Diamond divisions for groups to give every studio a fair opportunity at Nationals. Along with the return of the popular National title award “league of Champions” the only event of its kind in Australia that was so well received last season.

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