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Teeth Whitening Hands-on Training and so much more...

New face to face dates are available following, but if you can't make it to Me here is a fantastic option...

Exciting NEWS VIRTUAL Training is also NOW available anytime and includes FANTASTIC KIT AND ongoing mentoring and support !!!

Teeth Whitening training to YOU, learn more      

Practical Training delivered hands-on in my Independent Dental Hygiene studio in Somers, Mornington Peninsula Vic.

This course will teach you to Competently and Confidently provide a range of Professional In-Chair and Take-Home Teeth Whitening services using a variety of products. 

Training includes Theory and face-to-face hands-on with only 2 students per training day. This means you have time to practice TW, experience TW, ask questions, clarify any confusion about legislation, product concentrations and formulations, also includes on-going mentoring and support as required. 

Program includes a showbag, workbooks, yummy food and CPD certificate (8 hours)

What are previous clients saying?....

“I have completed two courses with Paulette, both of which have been fantastic. I recently completed “16 Shades- The Mystery of White” which I not only found interesting from a clinical theory perspective but Paulette also provided wonderful insight into patient perception/expectations and marketing tips. Her knowledge and confidence in products has certainly helped build my confidence for providing high-quality in-chair whitening procedures. The course combines lived clinical experience with evidence-based practice and I would strongly recommend it.”

Learn the tips and tricks to provide safe, effective, and gentle Teeth whitening services,

Ask about, and experiment with the clinical side of all things teeth whitening... You'll get to Practice on teeth models and also a real client...

How to get started and provide mobile whitening services

In-Chair, Cosmetic, and Take-Home options covered, with a Variety of products to try,

Deep dive into the Whitening Industry including exploration of the state of the industry currently and How you can stand out with the services you offer!

Understand more about why the beauty salons are so prolific and how you can be competitive in the current market...

Learn more about Marketing and social media and how to help your practice promote these services effectively.

Interested to start your own side GIG? Well, we can talk about that as well...

Course Includes a showbag of goodies, workbook, and yummy food all day!

Teeth Whitening is a Billion Dollar Industry.. Just look at social media and all the promotion and advertising of products and services to help improve the colour of teeth.

What does that mean for you? 

Are you missing out on your piece of this pie? Do you feel confident with your Teeth Whitening services? Are you Marketing services effectively? Is this something you want to pursue as an Independent Practitioner? Are you Dreaming of Bigger (Better?) things as an Oral Health Professional? 

This course will help you get the Teeth Whitening tools, tips and tricks to Jumpstart your future opportunities whether it be to improve the services and marketing in your practice, or get more confident with the various procedures and so much more....Just ask our previous students....


Start you on the path to the Future you Dream about.. 

Your own Business? Side Hustle ? Independence ?... Whatever that looks like for you? ....

Paulette will not only teach the hands-on clinical part, but also help you navigate your own path and support you through the process with on-going mentorship, and a community of like-Minded professionals to inspire you in your Journey.....

What are YOU waiting for ??


Let's Enlighten your teeth whitening...

This course is delivered in two parts, ONLINE theory and HANDS-ON Practical day

(value 8 hours CPD) Cost : $750

Practical component delivered in my Dental Studio, Somers VIC.

The program is designed to guide you through the complex Teeth Whitening arena. You’ll get tangible tools and knowledge and you’ll feel inspired and empowered with a newly found confidence, to provide successful teeth whitening services.

Course includes:

Back to basics history and science

Treatment planning for successful outcomes

Discolouration, Intrinsic and extrinsic stains, chromogens

In’s and out’s of Whitening products and materials, what do I look for how do I choose? Includes safety awareness and ingredient choices. 

Understanding and treating sensitivity, explore Pain-free whitening options

In-office (power) Whitening/ Cosmetic (express) whitening, what’s the difference, where’s the opportunity?

Your presenter Paulette Smith

Paulette Smith is the mother of 3 sassy daughters, a staffy lover, previous horse wrangler, Business owner, Dental Hygienist and online Course & podcast Junkie. She has enjoyed 39 Years in the Dental Industry and worked in all three corners of the Dental Industry Triangle, Clinical, Sales & Marketing, and Professional Education and Training. 

Paulette Has a passion for Innovation, is full of Big ideas, and doesn’t hesitate to offer support, help, and advice to oral health colleagues. 

At the beginning of her career, Paulette was instrumental in creating the legislation for Hygienists to work in Victoria and 32 years later very excited to explore the opportunities of Independent practice.

Paulette has been working successfully in her unconventional model of Independent practice since 2014. She generously shares her ideas and experience and loves mentoring other oral health professionals wanting to learn more and investigate these uncharted opportunities… Paulette the founder of TRI-Dente is a passionate dental hygienist who also has a teeth whitening & dental hygiene studio. She provides teeth whitening and dental hygiene services in a relaxed, friendly and calm environment. 

Paulette is a Registered Dental Hygienist, and holds a Graduate Diploma in Adult Education and Training. In her Teeth whitening and dental hygiene studio, using a variety of services she has whitened the teeth of 100's clients. Paulette has also developed a training course delivered online and hands-on for Oral Health Professionals to develop confidence and competence in teeth whitening. 

You can follow Paulette here,

FB: @pearlywhitesprofessional IG: @pearlywhitespro 

FB: IG: @tridente_for_ohps

This course is brought to you By:

Tri-Dente, an exciting new Dental Company in Australia, providing Products, Innovation & Training for Oral Health Professionals

The company was started in response to a missing piece of the puzzle.. the need for quality hands-on training with a practical component, access to a range of excellent cost-effective products and marketing support to help build a successful business.

Pearly Whites Professional

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