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Namaste! Welcome to the Yoga Cycle sticky tickets page. The Yoga Cycle is an inviting yoga studio dedicated to providing students with an environment where they can focus and deepen into their practice. Read more about the Yoga Cycle studio, and catch up on the latest news from resident teacher Kosta Soumelidis. Please connect via phone or email for more information.

Yoga Teacher Kosta Soumelidis:

“I would like to give blessings to my shining teacher Simi Roche, who has been the radiating light and inspiration behind what I do.”

Kosta Soumelidis is the Director and Residential Teacher at Yoga Cycle studio, Thebarton, Adelaide. He has extensive experience into the practice, theory and philosophy of Yoga. In the beginning of his yoga practice in 1998, he was privately taught by Krish Starr in Hatha Yoga principles.

Kosta went on to study intensively with Darrin Mc Nally and Susan Churgwin in the system of Iyengar yoga at the Kensington school of Yoga for 12 years, between 2000-2012. In that period he completed his teacher training with senior teachers Alan Goode and Pixie Lillas. Kosta was practicing as a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher between 2009-2014. In 2005 he also studied in Mysore, India, with Ashtanga Yoga teacher Sharath Jois at the Shri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute. In 2014 Kosta studied a one month long yoga intensive with Richard Freeman in Boulder, Colorado USA. Kosta has travelled in Australia and internationally teaching and presenting yoga in various expos, public events, and retreats.

Bringing together varied disciplines, Kosta is inspired through his own personal studies and practices in Vipassana meditation (teachers Joseph Golstien and S.N. Goenka), Ashtanga Yoga (teacher Simi Roche, and Richard Freeman), and Iyengar Yoga (Guru B.K.S Iyengar, and teacher Glenn Ceresoli).

In 2009 Kosta opened his own yoga studio, Yoga Cycle, with a focus on assisting students to develop and sustain a healthy yoga practice through self discipline, persistence, and empowerment. At Yoga Cycle, Kosta is passionate about Yoga being a holistic spiritual practise, that works on the whole human being. He teaches it as a science, an art, and a philosophy based study.

Contact Kosta for more information about his upcoming group yoga classes, or book in for a private 1-2-1 yoga class.

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Kosta Soumelidis

4/22 Ware Street Thebarton West Torrens 5031, Australia


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