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Please put the code you have been given in FIRST for your ticket to appear .
Only New Stallholders who do not sell ready to eat food to book "$20 trial stall". 

Join us every Sunday for the greatest fashion, farmers and food market! 


We are looking for the greatest-of-the-great local markets stalls.

If this is you, you're in the right spot. Please follow the links on this page to book your sellers stall. If you have already been approved to join out roster of sellers, you will have been issued a "Promotional Code". Pop this promotional code into this Sticky Tickets site and your ticket options will appear.

We have given out codes ONLY to stalls that we have spoken to and pre-approved. 
If you have received a code from someone else and not directly from us, please contact us before you make any bookings. Codes are not transferrable.

To be approved and receive a promotional code, please apply at or call Nathan on 0491 185 661.

If you are unsure if you fit the criteria to go ahead and book your stall please call or email Nathan to ask. 

All our stalls are booked and pre-paid in advance.
We don't take cash on the day.
We run only on pre-allocated stall space.

RETAIL and ready to Eat Food Stalls and Trucks
1) Casual Ticket $50

*Please note that these are our reduced launch prices to reward those of you who are willing to take a chance on a new market.
If you buy at these prices you will be eligible to book your stalls at this rate until the end of 2020.
We will be raising our stall prices in September (final amounts yet to be decided, depending on how well our marketing is received and how many shoppers we attract to the first events.)
We will definitely be rewarding our stallholders who come from the very first event - we won't forget your support!

Please note: we are the kind of people who want all our stallholders to experience a great event and to be making money from the very first market.
It's no fun if everyone doesn't do GREAT on the day! That is our goal, please expect great things from us too, we will work so hard to deliver for you.

We are very committed to do what it takes to attract a maximum number of shoppers right from the very first day we open our doors. We are working on some awesome advertising, flyer drops, posters, banners, social media and traditional advertising on radio and in the local paper.

Things to mention...

Expect Great Things is our tag line, it's you our stallholders who make the market great - ask yourself, how can I make my stall greater? Give us a call to chat about this.

Insurance – do you have to have it - yes, if you don't have it yet, we can help you arrange it.

Electricity - we may be able to offer you electricity as an extra charge. Please talk to Nathan about this before you book your stall

WET WEATHER PLAN: This event goes ahead if rain, hail or shine!

As a Seller you agree to promoting the event to your social networks leading up to the event. Please share on facebook and instagram!

6 Sept 2020
13 Sept 2020
20 Sept 2020
27 Sept 2020


6am - 7:45am


8am - 1pm (strictly no pack up before 1:01pm!)

Sellers Tickets are non-refundable. We do not transfer between events.
No guarantees are made about your financial performance on the day.
Please be aware that your ticket price is the entry fee to participate as a seller and how much you make on the day is up to you.

If event is to be cancelled by the organisers/venue for any reason, another day will be chosen for the event and tickets will be transferred to that new date. You may be given an option for dates to transfer to. No refunds are given in the event you cannot make a rescheduled event.

All sellers are expected to stay until official pack down time, if you've sold everything, this is a great chance to get to know other sellers there on the day and help out where you can. We have such a great community so this is your opportunity to get to know them!


If you have any questions please contact Nathan via email on or call: 0491 185 661.
Please like and share our Facebook page if you haven't already done so!

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