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Love Your Money!

For All Female Entrepreneurs

with a Service Business

♥ Bring awareness, forgiveness, and an educated choice to your financial world within a non-judgemental, caring environment.

♥ De-mystify your finances and make money a regular part of your self-care routine.

♥ Work with numbers, systems, and practical strategies in a way that is meaningful and resonates with you.

♥ Define your Financial Values and use these to bring more money into your life.

♥ Get specific suggestions and instructions for money practices and tools.

My feminine, body-centered approach sparks deep understanding along with practical steps and systems.

♥ You will learn skills + practices to create an atmosphere of clarity, compassion, and forgiveness within yourself.

♥ Create a personalised, money practice you’ll fall in love with – including daily, weekly, monthly, and annual check-ins.

♥ Replace a boring budget with a vibrant Money Map based on your values, lifestyle, and phase of life.

Our day together will bring.......

Mindset Work resulting in Releasing Blockages

You and money do not need to be enemies. With the right guidance, you can create a loving relationship with money.

And this can change everything........

Determine what your non-negotiables are within your life and business and implement them into your daily self-care routine.

Creation of Your Own Personalised Money Map of Intention to Financial Freedom

What is your Ideal Life?

What do you desire from your business income?

What will your ideal life cost?

Together, we will align your money with your deepest values and cherished life goals.

Determine and clarify where you currently stand in your life — and allow money to support your big dreams.

Refining and Implementing Your Money Practice

Refine daily, weekly, monthly practices + money self-care.

Identify which steps are in place already, and which need implementing.

Learn about the basic financial reports and how to use them.

Get a head start on taxes by setting up systems and support.

Values-Based Bookkeeping and Systems

Create your own Chart of Accounts and truly look at your numbers

Rename boring categories with values-driven titles

Learn to look at your numbers with understanding and ease

Choose a tracking system and begin implementing it!

Realisation of the Value you offer your clients and Command the Price you Deserve

Determine the real value of what you offer to your clients.

Move from charging hourly to value-driven packages with confidence

Sell with ease, generosity & love; your clients will love you for it!

This isn’t for everyone...........

It is for you though if,

♥ You are on your own path to creating a conscious, authentic life … and money is the last piece of the puzzle.

♥ You have already completed some work on your money relationship and now, you are ready to take it to the next level.

♥ You don’t have any relationship with money, whatsoever and are ready to create one.

♥ You are going through a big life transition (divorce, career change, death of a parent, etc.) and money issues are hitting you left,

right & centre.

♥ Your money relationship has been calling your name for a while and you know in your heart that now is the time.

♥ You are a creative entrepreneur and would love support around business models, pricing, and owning your value more.

Time: 8.45 am for a 9 am start.

We will finish at approx. 4 pm.

This is an interactive workshop and a workbook will be provided.

Please bring your laptop and your current P&L for this financial year. Figures will not be discussed with other participants;

you will just need your P&L for reference.

Morning and Afternoon Tea will be provided. Yes, there will be chocolate to nurture our souls.

I encourage all participants to leave the venue for lunch and get some fresh air ready for the afternoon session.

Your Investment


I am so looking forward to working with you.

Alison xx

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