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Fiona O'Loughlin’s searingly honest book ‘Truths From An Unreliable Witness’ is already a stage show. 

Fiona has always known the power of a great story and a good joke to show us a truth about ourselves. It is why she is one of our most loved comedians. 

In this brilliantly written show, Fiona lays bare her life and does not spare herself as she details the ugly reality of living with addiction and the harsh truth that recovery is not easy. She shows the spark of strength that kept her alive. 

This is not only an unforgettable show, it is an inspiration to anyone who has lost the way. In sharing her story, Fiona shows that there is always the promise of better days. 

Don’t miss ‘The Unreliable Witness’ herself as she regales you with a brand new show with even bolder content than ever before. 

Expect to be surprised by some hidden talents of this laconic story-telling Queen.

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Port Lincoln Hotel - Lincoln Ballroom


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Port Lincoln Hotel
Port Lincoln Hotel

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